Sensory Activities for Toddlers & Kids

Exploring their senses is what young kids do, its especially great for babies and toddlers! But don't stop at just touch. Don't forget to explore sense of taste, sound, sight and smell!

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Sensory activities for kids to explore

Find the most recent sensory activities for kids below.

Kids love making waves with a sensory bottle! Easy to make too.

Make a Wave Bottle for Kids to Explore

A wave bottle is an easy sensory bottle for kids to make and then explore to see what they find in their ocean. Making waves is so much fun!

Soapy sensory jars for toddlers - fun to shake up and watch!

Soapy Sensory Jars Activity for Toddlers

Sensory jars are a simple sensory activity for toddlers, make a sensory jar with soap! These soapy sensory jars are fun for toddlers to shake up and watch!