25 Valentine’s Activities & Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day
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Valentine’s Day has got to be the funnest holiday for the kids to do crafts and activities! They always just love it and we always go overboard with all the hearts!

George cannot get enough hearts! Every day he wants to do something with hearts!

So we have been… for the last month, at least!

Its not always just about the hearts though. We can’t forget about all the learning we’ve done for with our Valentine’s activities either! Those candy hearts are full of learning potential for preschoolers with the letters and words on them!


25 Valentine's Activities & Crafts for Kids


Here’s 25  of our Valentine’s Day kids art, crafts, and fun activities!



Art Activities for Valentine’s Day:

Tape Resist Valentine Art for Toddlers Valentine Window of Toddler Painted Hearts
Tape Resist Valentine Art for Toddlers  A Valentine Window of Hearts
Sponge Art Painting for Toddlers Cookie Cutter Painting for Valentine's Day
Sponge Heart Painting  Cookie Cutter Heart Painting
Stamped Heart Valentine's Day Art Project Valentine's Day Shaken Painted Art for Toddlers
Stamped Heart  Shaken Painted Hearts
2012-01-22_41791[1] 2011-02-08_0217+-+Copy[1]
Collaborative Hearts  Stuffed Heart Balloon
2012-01-03_34991[1] Hunt for Love Bag
Melted Crayon Art with
Crayon Shavings
 Hunt for Love Bag

Craft Activities for Valentine’s Day:

33 Valentines for School Homemade Heart Bird Feeder
33 Super Cute Kids
Valentines for School
 Homemade Heart Bird Feeder
Sorted Button Craft Valentine Heart Conversation Heart Suncatchers
Button Heart  Conversation Heart Suncatchers
2012-02-06_44711[1] 2011-02-02_94191[1]
Stamped Valentine Cards  Valentine Tissue Wreath
Valentine Craft for Kids: Strings of Hearts Chandelier 2011-02-01_9306
Strings of Hearts Chandelier  Valentine Countdown Tree
Yummy Edible Valentines
 Yummy Edible Valentines

More Fun & Learning Activities for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine Letter Learning & Matching Activity Upper & Lowercase Letters: Heart Matching
Candy Heart Letter Matching  Upper & Lowercase Letters: Heart Matching
Match Upper & Lowercase Letters Bracelet Toddler Sensory Activity: Dish Soap Foam
Match Upper & Lowercase Letters Bracelet  Dish Soap Foam!
Candy Heart Patterning A Valentine Heart Hunt
Candy Heart Patterning  A Heart Hunt



Browse the Valentine’s Day for Kids board on Pinterest for tons of Valentine’s Day ideas! You and the kids will be set for this week of love!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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