36 Spring Crafts for Kids That Are Simple

I am seriously excited to share this collection of spring crafts for kids. Why? Because that means spring is just about here! Goodbye snow! [Even though a snow day can be lots of fun!]

As we’re not the craftiest kids around, we like to keep them as simple as possible.

What do you think of when you think spring?

I think of flowers, oh the fresh smell. And the April showers too. The hope of a rainbow. And then of course, Easter. And when I think of Easter, I think of bunnies, eggs and crosses.

I combined all these into one sweet little spot of simple spring crafts.

36 very simple Spring crafts for kids to make! Hello Spring!

What craft supplies do you need? Check out my list of our most used kids craft supplies that we make sure to have on hand!

36 very simple spring crafts for kids to make!

Making flowers to creating rainbows, as well as egg and cross crafts!

Spring Flower Crafts for Kids:

Contact paper tissue paper flowers - 1 of the 36 simple spring crafts for kids! Spring flowers - 1 of the 36 spring crafts for kids to make
Contact Paper Tissue Flowers Bottle Print Spring Flowers
Spring Dot Flowers Watercolor Coffee Filter Flowers - 1 of the 36 spring crafts for kids to make
Spring Dot Flowers
Toddler Approved
Watercolor Coffee Filter Flowers
Tie Die Flowers Starched Spring Flower Craft - 1 of the 36 spring crafts for kids to make
Tie Die Flowers
Mom to 2 Posh Li’l Divas
Starched Spring Flowers
Cherry Blossoms Craft Spring Flower Window Cling
Cherry Blossoms Craft
Creekside Learning
Spring Flower Window Cling
Merry with Children
Coffee Filter Window Flowers Popsicle Stick Flower Craft
Coffee Filter Window Flowers
Inner Child Fun
Popsicle Stick Flowers
See What We Did All Day
Mother's Day Yarn Wrapped Vase Craft for Kids - 1 of the 36 spring crafts for kids to make Vase Bottle Craft for Valentines Day - 1 of the 36 spring crafts for kids to make
Yarn Wrapped Vase Colored Salt Vase

Rainbow Crafts for Kids:

Fruity O's Rainbow Color Craft - 1 of the 36 spring crafts for kids to make Rainbow sponge painting - 1 of the 36 spring crafts for kids to make
Cereal Rainbow Rainbow Sponge Painting
Rainbow Scavenger Hunt with Clues - 1 of the 36 simple spring crafts for kids to make Rainbow Crayon Craft
 Rainbow Scavenger Hunt with Clues  Rainbow Crayons
Not JUST a Housewife
A Rainbow of Circles Necklace - 1 of the 36 simple spring crafts Giant Rainbow Collage
 Rainbow Necklace  Giant Rainbow Collage
The Imagination Tree
Rainbow Wind Catcher Rainbow Stick Puzzle
 Rainbow Wind Catcher
A Pretty Cool Life
Rainbow Stick Puzzle
Teach Preschool
Rainbow Pour Painting Stained Glass Rainbow Craft
 Rainbow Pour Painting
Dilly Dali Art
 Stained Glass Rainbow
Mom on Time Out
Rainbow Colored Stained Glass Button Rainbow Craft
 Rainbow Colored Stained Glass
The Artful Parent
 Button Rainbows
Mama Jenn

40 Fantastic Rainbow Activities for Kids! at The Imagination Tree

Spring Holiday Crafts for Kids:

Easter Cross - 1 of the 36 spring crafts Tape Resist Cross
Easter Cross Collage  Tape Resist Cross
The Golden Gleam
Button Cross Craft for Kids Shaving cream Easter eggs - 1 of the 36 spring crafts the kids can make
 Button Cross
Virtuous Woman Exposed
 Easter Egg Tree
Egg Suncatcher Craft for Kids Rolling egg art -  1 of the 36 spring art projects for kids
 Egg Suncatchers
Patty Schaffer
 Rolling Eggs Painting
Simple Egg Prints for Kids Marshmallow Bunny Spring Craft
 Egg Prints
Little Wonders’ Days
 Marshmallow Bunny Craft
No Time For Flash Cards
Pom Pom Bunny Craft Paper Plate Bunny Craft
 Pom Pom Bunnies
Red Ted Art
 Paper Plate Bunny
A Little Delightful
Bunny Nose & Whisker Craft for Kids Tissue Box Easter Bunny - 1 of the 36 spring crafts simple for the kids to make
 Bunny Nose & Whiskers
Kailo Chic
 Tissue Box Easter Bunny

What do you think of when you think Spring?

Which of these spring crafts will the kids want to make?

Check out these other spring crafts ideas for the kids:



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  1. says

    What a great collection of spring ideas. I always think of slightly warmer weather and the feeling of sun on my face when thinking of spring. I’m betting my son thinks “yay . . . mud” when he thinks of spring. :)

  2. amanda says

    We are going to attempt the water color painted coffee filters today for the big picture window. Awesome collection for spring inspiration!

  3. says

    Your site is wonderful. I have three children ages 11, 10, and 5 who love crafts. This site gives me plenty of crafts to do with them. Plus I love how easy they are (I am not a crafty person). Thanks for sharing :)

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