"Make it Kid Friendly" Idea: Bottle Snowflake Craft

These are bottoms of pop and water bottles, can you believe it?
They are beautiful snowflakes that are probably sitting in your recycling bin right now!
Let’s upcycle them!
Check Artest to see the tutorial to make these beautiful winter creations.
These are pretty detailed and probably too ‘controlled’ of a craft for a child. But we can make it more kid-friendly and still get a similar and still beautiful effect.
What can be done to make it a kid-friendly craft:
  • Cut off the bottoms of bottles. [Probably still done by the adult.]
  • For the youngest crowd – just dip the bottle bottoms in white paint!
    For a little bit older ones, use a q-tip [fine motor skills] and let them paint designs in any way on them!
    Do a non-messy version and put it in a box with some white paint and shake it up!
  • Use a hole punch and make a hole on one end of the snowflakes. [This may be hard for the child, but let them try and just help them with a little extra squeeze.]
  • Thread some yarn through that hole to make it an ornament! [Whoa, more fine motor skills!]

Inspiration can be found in all places! Don’t limit your options to just kid-friendly crafts and art projects that you’ve seen done already. Take a look at adult projects all around, and think to yourself, “How can I tweak that to make it work for my kids?” 
Want to see more adult projects with suggestions 
on how they can be tweaked for your kids?

jamie @ hands on : as we grow
Henry is 3 years. George is 1 year.

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