Make a Snowflake Craft! 30 Ideas to Make Snowflakes

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It is great pastime for me to make a snowflake every winter. I can only hope that my kids will ask to make their own snowflakes year after year.

But… well our snowflakes are usually just paper snowflakes. We’ve done a couple with other materials, but I’m so excited to find new ways for the boys to make snowflakes.

These are 30 ways to make a snowflake. With 12 ideas for cutting snowflakes and 18 ideas for snowflakes crafts, or art projects, the kids can make.

30 ideas to make a snowflake, ideas for materials to cut them out of plus snowflake craft ideas!

28 MORE winter crafts for kids to make – including snow globes, penguins and ice wreaths for decoration

Different Materials & Ways to Make a Snowflake:


Craft & Art Ideas to Make a Snowflake:


Now, tell me about you and your kids making snowflakes.

Do you stick to paper to make them? Or do you try other mediums?

30 snowflake crafts for kids to make

What’s your favorite way to make a snowflake?

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    • Jamie Reimer says

      :) Oh, I see snow plenty (wayyyyy too much of it out there at the moment), but making snowflakes for some reason just IS special. It just makes me so happy seeing them, let alone making them!

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