32 Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids To Do

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The possibilities of ideas for a scavenger hunt for kids are endless!

There are so many different fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids, but you can literally take any way to do a scavenger hunt and apply any variation you’d like to it!

For instance, any of the alphabet learning scavenger hunts listed below could also be made into learning opportunities for solving math problems, or beginner reading, or just something fun like trucks or dolls. It’s virtually endless and its so exciting to change them up to fit your own child’s interests!

We’ve done our fair share of scavenger hunts around here, and will keep doing more (a lot more now that I’ve collected all these ideas to base them off of) and I hope it’ll inspire some fun hunting at your house too.

32 scavenger hunt ideas for kids!

Please share any scavenger hunt ideas you have done with your kids below in the comments! I’m on a hunt to find all sorts of kinds.

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Several learning scavenger hunt ideas for kids, plus lots more other fun scavenger hunt ideas!

Learning Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids:

Reinforce Colors on a Scavenger Hunt:

Learn Numbers on a Hunt:

Hunt and Learn ABC’s & Beyond:

  • Search for uppercase letters around the house and match them to their correct lowercase letters.
  • Go on a letter sounds hunt and make it a game!
  • Find letters hidden in Easter eggs. Make spring words out of the found letters!
  • Have the kids find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet, from Playdate Magazine. This is a fun classic for road trips!
  • Go on a simple word hunt with a printable to download. Post-it notes make this one versatile to whatever your kid is learning! From Walking by the Way.

Several outdoor scavenger hunt ideas for kids, plus lots more other fun scavenger hunt ideas!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids:

Treasure Hunt Ideas:

Various Ideas to do a Traditional Scavenger Hunt

Various Ways to do a Traditional Scavenger Hunt:


I’m on a hunt to find more fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids!

Share any scavenger hunts you’ve done in the comments! What about getting active with the kids? Click the image below for 10 ways for YOU to join the kids and get moving with them outside!

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  1. Brocho says

    You will need paints and an egg carton (cover cut off) for each child participating.
    Have the kids paint a different color into each section of an egg compartment. When the cartons are dry, you are ready for the hunt. Head outside and the kids have to find something from nature that matches each color. Later, you can glue each object into the appropriate color.
    It is amazing how the children actually do find every color. I do this with 5 yr olds and had the 10 yr olds pining to join.

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