27 Colorful Spring Art Projects for Kids to be Creative

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These are some colorful, fun and bright spring art projects for kids!

I am so in the mood for Spring and completely over winter. Even if all the winter crafts are adorably cute.

I need some green and brightness around me!

We have recently moved my office to its own room, and styling it has been fun. I haven’t decorated in years it seems like. Since winter is still in the air here and we all have the sniffles, I was happy to find, our sponsor, Kleenex has very cool new designs in every color and style!

21 creative and colorful Spring art projects for kids to make!

One thing I wanted to make sure I put in the room is a place to display the kids art projects. I had been saving this old picture frame for the longest time and it was time to use it. I spray painted it a soft yellow to go with the room (I did blues with a yellow accent).

I turned the frame into a place to display the kids’ art projects, and what better way to get in the mood for Spring than to fill it up with wonderful Spring art projects that the kids make?

Now to really fill that frame with some oh-so-colorful Spring art projects from the kids!

27 creative and colorful Spring art projects for kids to make!

From flowers to rainbows to butterflies and Spring holidays. I found a whole bunch of Spring art projects for kids! I’m especially love the Spring trees, so I saved those for last!

These are going to look fantastic in that frame!

Spring Art Projects for Kids to Decorate the House!

Flower art projects for kids to make - plus more spring art projects for kids!

Flower art projects for kids to make:

  1. Multimedia art project makes pretty flowers! Watercolor newspapers and magazines! From Fine Lines.
  2. Simple cut stencils out in the shape of flowers and spray watercolors! So gorgeous! From Choices 4 Children.
  3. Reuse the kids paintings and crumple them up to make these 3D flowers for cards!
  4. Collaging tissue paper onto canvas. I love all the layers! From Studio Kids.
  5. Simple glue rubbings using hot glue. Simply draw whatever shapes you’d like and rub over them! Fun flower art! From This Little Project.
  6. Upcycle bottles to make spring flowers! Use a thumbprint for the center.

We have even more flower ideas that are for Mother’s Day!

Rainbow art projects for kids to make - plus more spring art projects for kids!

Rainbow art projects for kids to make:

  1. Create a rainbow with a sponge all in one swipe.
  2. A rainbow made with black glue and salt! Love the texture! From Mess for Less
  3. Have fun with colored shaving cream to make rainbows! From Little Wonders’ Days.
  4. Condensed milk paint leaves a shiny rainbow! So pretty! From ECE Made Easy
  5. Start a rainbow with a rainbow handprint! I love that addition to this cute fine motor craft! From In Lieu of Preschool
  6. Brighten up the home with colorful rainbow window art!

There are so many ways to make rainbows! Check out 11 more rainbow activities from hands on moms.

Butterfly art projects for kids to make - plus more spring art projects for kids!

Butterfly spring art projects for kids to create:

  1. Gorgeous way to explore symmetry with these mirror image butterflies. From Meet the Dubiens.
  2. Create monarch butterflies! I love all the variations! From Kid World Citizen.
  3. I love the dots in these symmetrical butterfly prints! From Tinkerlab.
  4. Footprint butterflies, not just for decoration, but a sentimental art project to keep! From Plain Vanilla Mom.

Easter egg art projects for kids to make - plus more spring art projects for kids!

Create some egg art projects for the Spring holiday, Easter!

  1. I love tape resist and a giant Easter tape resist egg is perfect! From Mom to 2 Posh Li’l Divas
  2. Grab an old toothbrush and splatter paint an Easter egg!
  3. Break out the plastic eggs early and roll them around to create a fun big art project for kids!
  4. Crayon and tap resist with some watercolor makes for some pretty eggs to display!
  5. Shaving cream isn’t just for rainbows! Make marbled eggs too! From The Chocolate Muffin Tree

And don’t just stop with eggs for decor, check out these 26 ways to decorate Easter eggs!

Spring tree art projects for kids to make - plus more spring art projects for kids!

Spring tree art projects for kids to create, my favorite!

  1. A fingerprint Spring cherry tree is so pretty! I love the straw blown tree trunks! From Housing a Forest.
  2. Arbor Day is in the Spring, make some tape resist trees to celebrate if you can’t plant one yet!
  3. A simple Spring tree art project with Q-Tip blossoms. So cute! From No Time for Flash Cards.
  4. Another fingerprint Spring cherry tree, this time with cluster of blossoms to work on counting to 5. From Fun Handprint and Footprint Art.
  5. The process of this cherry blossom tree is outstanding! Wetting the paper and watching it spread. From Musing from Kim K.
  6. Upcycle another bottle to make cherry blossoms! So adorable! From Alpha Mom.

If these 20 Spring art projects for kids to make aren’t enough, there’s 36 spring crafts for kids to make too!

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  1. Jen says

    This is a fantastic round up. In fact it’s perfect because I was trying to think up spring projects for the week. There are plenty here. I LOVE all the cherry blossom art! Thanks for including our butterfly footprints too. Pinning & sharing :)

  2. says

    And here I thought I was the only person nutty enough to try to coordinate our tissue boxes to our decor! Lol (Some great designs they have, too!) Fantastic project ideas for spring – I love the feeling of fresh and new that spring brings – a great time to try new things and new art projects!

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