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  1. Sue Hull says

    When my sisters and I were kids we got him shirts,socks or we baked him cookies.Now that we’re all grown we give him gift cards for home depot and starbucks. Thank you for the awesome giveaway :)

  2. Laurie Emerson says

    My favorite gift to give my own dad was to rent a canoe and go fishing with him. We both love to fish and really enjoyed the special time we had together. We never really caught anything but I loved hearing the stories of when he grew up.

  3. Jane H says

    My dad is at the age where I can’t drag him into a store. He tells me that he is getting rid of things rather than amassing more so I usually give him tickets to an event and then buy him clothes anyway :-)

  4. Lisa Jones says

    My favoirte gift to give my dad would be anything that is going to make him happy! Most of the time its the little meaningful things that make him the happiest.

  5. Sarah Coenen says

    My husband is in the Air Force. This year he was scheduled to be away for Father’s Day at a training event. My boys really wanted to share the day with his so we surprised him and got a hotel near the training for the weekend. It was SO NICE to be able to spend some time with him and the boys were able to gift him with lots of kisses and snuggles! My husband is really wanting a canopy so we’re saving our pennies to purchase one from JC Penny this summer. Thanks for the chance! So generous of you!

  6. Dawn S. says

    My dad is really into flying and his airplane, so I typically get him a subscription to Plane & Pilot, or another similar magazine, if he hasn’t specifically requested anything else.

  7. Rhea Chladek says

    My favorite gift to give my father is a meal out. The family gets to see each other, and we get in some great visiting time.

    The funniest Dad gift ever was when my sister gave my dad a car washing kit (bucket, sponge, soap, etc), then she brought her car over for Dad to wash! LOL!

  8. Andrea says

    We try give a gift of time – helping dad out with chores, doing something for him, as well as a card and something fun. This year we got him a camping chair and tie as well.

  9. shelly peterson says

    I don’t have my father in my life to celebrate father’s day but my son in-law is a wonderful father to my grandsons. I usually get him an nice shirt or cologne for Father’s Day and we get together an bbq.

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  10. Jenny Q. says

    My favorite gift that my kids and I gave to my husband was a coffee cup with the kids photos on it, so that he could take it to work with him. My preschooler was thrilled to see his face on the cup after it came in the mail. I think it was his reaction that Daddy would be taking this to work that made it so cute!

  11. Emily A. says

    We love to give stuff to my dad that he wants and will use. This year he wanted an ice cream maker. So we bought him that along with waffle bowls and all the fixings he would need. Can’t wait to try it out!

  12. Chelsea B. says

    I was never close to my dad, so no favorites. I always told my grandfather (who was more like a dad) Happy Father’s Day and let him know how much I appreciated him :-)

  13. Leighanne Borders says

    What do I like to give my dad? It is hard to find gifts for him so I usually take him somewhere to spend time with him. For example, we will go to the movies and get ice cream, spend time at a local park with a picnic. I want to create memories with him rather than just buy him stuff.

  14. Tammy says

    My favorite gift to give my husband is anything that reminds him what a great father he is, with a personalized touch. His favorite was a photo book. On the cover it said “You will always be my first love” In the book were pictures through the years of my husband and my daughter,. This was the perfect gift as my daughter has her first puppy love and hubby was feeling a little left behind!

  15. Becky VanGinkel says

    Thank you for this awesome post!! My husband loves getting drawings and homemade things from our kiddos.. his favorite so far was the baby footprints from our youngest LO (15 months now) that I got framed for him :) I love the idea of doing a mixture of something new, and something homemade.

  16. Kari says

    Sadly, my dad is no longer with us but I used to love giving him fun gifts like books, gift cards, or lottery tickets. For my husband, I like to give him gifts of clothing because he hardly ever shops for himself.

  17. Betsy Barnes says

    My Dad loves cologne, really loves cologne, which means, every Father’s Day, I always get him some, however, it’s not my favorite gift to give him because he knows what he’s getting. One year, I did decide to break the cycle and take a chance, sent him some steaks from Omaha, he loved it. I thought, now I can stop buy him cologne, but the following Christmas, he ask for cologne, said he was out, hahaha! Like I said, he loves cologne! :)

  18. Sherry Jones says

    When I was a teenager the best gift I gave my dad was breakfast in bed and peace and quiet. This always made him smile. Now that I’m grown he just looks for cash for all of his big boy toys. LOL!!!!

  19. gayle gildehaus says

    I don’t have a dad to give love and gifts to..but if I did my favorite gift I imagine I would give is a great big hug,tell him i love him,and bring him homemade cheesecake.

  20. Terri Moore says

    For years whenever I asked my kids what to give Dad they would say Golf balls! it became a tradition and he always used them. the best gifts are hand made ones from the kids.

  21. Caitlyn says

    my favorite gift to give my husband is a day to himself with a paid day of golfing and sometimes I even get him a new golf club or clubs and balls. He loves golf so sending him off with a friend for the day to relax is the best gift I can give him!

  22. Lauren S. says

    My dad LOVES sweets, especially ones that I make from scratch. I made him Moon Pies for Father’s DAy, and will make him ice cream for his birthday next month. He always says he doesn’t need anything, but he would never say no to sweets!

  23. sherry butcher says

    Great idea, if we can track what he wants then when a sales hit we can get a good buy. Not just Father’s Day but birthdays, Christmas or other gift giving event. TFS.

  24. Linda Kish says

    No dads or husbands to buy for and my son is not a dad yet. When my step dad was alive, I would buy him a new tool for his work shop. He loved to tinker and build furniture.

  25. Danielle Royalegacy says

    We spent Father’s Day with our daughter and helped celebrate her husband’s first time at being a dad. We had a grand celebration by taking him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant.

  26. Dani H says

    My favorite gift for Dad (my husband) would be a day of fun and relaxation ~ no chores, he gets to select what he wants for every meal, the TV remote control is his the entire day, and he gets to play golf or poker with the boys or whatever he would like to do the Saturday before Father’s Day (so he would still get to spend Father’s Day itself with his family.) That’s far more appreciated than anything I could buy.

  27. Stephanie Easterling says

    My 2 son’s and I (17 and 20 yrs old) have been reading up on what kind of weed eater to get for their father. We want to get him one that had the attachments that you could by later. The weed eaters that he has keeps breaking and the boys said it junk now.

  28. Stephanie Gossett says

    I love to take my husband to eat with our children. He LOVES spending the day with them. One year, I got him a baby for Father’s Day. He spent the day in the hospital, holding his new daughter. Thank you for this chance. He just got a promotion, and could really use some new clothes. Hope everyone had a great Father’s day!

  29. Brittani says

    I love giving my dad giftcards to go out to dinner. For years he and my mom barely went out so now that all the kids have flown the coop he has time and money to do these things. :)

  30. Tina W says

    I give my Dad the gift of time. He is 85 and while he still lives on his own, he isn’t quite as spry as he’d like. So at least once a month I head over to his house to do a good thorough cleaning, and also bring a few homemade frozen meals that he can microwave when he doesn’t feel like going out.

  31. Katie | says

    I like to buy books for my dad for Father’s Day. Granted, he is a reader and some dads may not be… but I think it’s a great idea. I save money by not buying a card and instead right a sweet sentiment/message on the inside of the book with the date. Years from now he will have many permanent reminders of each and every father’s day past! :)

  32. Abby says

    My favorite gift to give my own Dad is almond M&Ms. I know he loves them and, since he’s sooo hard to buy for, it’s a gift that I know will always be “used” and appreciated.

  33. Alison Gibb says

    Sadly, my Dad is gone. I miss him more every single day! When he was here, I always got him Old Spice and usually a new shirt. When I was young, I made him a card!

  34. Tanni Cordis says

    I will help my Grand daughter make one for her Daddy. So, I think paintings with her hand prints, each one a different color, folded up and stuck down each pocket of a 6 pack of beer. That’s the kind of guy he is. I know he’d appreciate it! he he… :-)

  35. Daiva says

    The best gift for my dad would be spending time with him on that day. He lives so far away though that its hardly ever possible. I try to call or skype if i cant go to see him.

  36. Melissa Shields says

    My husband already had a 13 yr old daughter and I had an 11 month old son when we got together so the first fathers day we were together my son and I made him a card but when he opened what he thought was a normal fathers day card turned out to also be a daddy to be card… so he found out then that we wereexpecting a baby!!!! They are my whole world and iI couldn’t ask for a better fad/ step dad!!! We are truly blessed to have him! :-)

  37. Birdiebee says

    My favorite gift to gift my dad when he was alive was a personalized Father’s Day card (one that I would make & relate it to an experience in my father’s life) and a home cooked meal of his choosing.

  38. nicole dz says

    I like to get my dad a day of golf and dinner at his favorite restaurant. Sometimes I even like to get him something tech, since he loves his electronical devices.

  39. jennifer says

    Every year, I help my kids make dad a gift! Last year, they made lots of crafts like “favorite pop” signs to put on dad’s root beer, Hersheys kisses in a jar. He also builds bicycles, so anything with a bike on it, he loves!

  40. Dayna @ Lemon Lime Adventures says

    Each year we love to get dad a fun book like “Talk Like a Wookie” and we love to make our own fun shirts with our own designs. Its a little fun we like to have that is a little out of the box.

  41. Lindsey says

    I usually get my husband to snitch and tell me if my dad wants anything in particular, or see if he might like what I have in mind, etc. And, sometimes I’ll ask my dad what he thinks my husband will like and go from there! I’m sneaky :)

  42. Jena says

    I don’t necessarily have a “favorite” gift to give my Dad but this year I’m getting him some new camping chairs. Outdoor supplies are usually a good go-to for Dad’s!

  43. Kristina says

    It’s kind of weird, but my husband collects dragon figurines and it’s what he asks for for every gift-giving holiday. I always loved giving my dad ties though.

  44. Anastasia says

    I like to give him something he likes / wants but would never get himself. Like a night out at the casino, or a dinner at an expensive restaurant. Also things like a new cell phone or tablet. He’d use the old ones with broken screens because “they still work” so gifts like that are always good :)

  45. Shelley says

    The kids and I work together to create art for my husband for Father’s Day. One year it was a triple photo frame with a photo of each kid holding a letter that, together, spelled out DAD. Another time we used a stencil of his favorite team to do a fingertip painting in team colors to hang in his office. We’ve done handprints with the saying, “The best things in life aren’t things.” We always pair the art with something he really needs (dress shirt, socks, wallet, etc.).

  46. Khristina says

    My favorite gift to give my father is a home cooked meal, quality time and something he needs, (like jeans for work or more golf balls, etc). For my husband it’s anything he can use when he’s out in the field, (military), or for his other job to make like a bit easier for him.

  47. Michelle C says

    My dad passed away several years ago, but we like to give my husband something handmade from the kids (cards or art) and something practical that he needs. I think this year he needs running shoes.

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