34 Edible Sensory Play Ideas For Kids That Put Everything in Their Mouth

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Sensory activities are a wonderful way for young kids to explore new things. Their senses are their view into the world, its how they learn!

Occupying babies can be tough at times because they put everything in their mouth. It’s hard when you have older kids around that want to play with little things, such as the Lego craze we’re on right now in our house.

Louis kind of gets left out of a lot of things simple because he wants to explore everything, and right now, its with his mouth. Everything gets a taste test.

Thankfully, I’ve been partnering with Ella’s Kitchen to bring you this huge list of edible sensory play ideas for kids to do at home, that will also help introduce them to food that’s good for them! And these are all perfect activities for babies, even toddlers, that constantly are mouthing objects.

What’s great is that Ella’s believes that, just as adults do, babies eat with all of their senses, it’s not just the texture or taste that’s important. That’s why we’re on this exploration to find fun sensory ways for the kids to play! It’s also why Ella’s makes sure all their yummy, organic baby food appeals to all their senses, with bright, colorful, squeeze packs to grab and squish.

These sensory play ideas go beyond a sensory tub, I’ve included a few creative sensory activities that are great to branch out and be creative. Everything on the list is edible for those that keep putting things in their mouth.

34 sensory play ideas for kids (especially babies and toddlers) that put everything in their mouth still.

Sensory play ideas from the pantry:

  1. Colored bread crumbs from Happily Ever Mom.
  2. Dry pasta! Add scoops and cups for lots of play!
  3. Make an indoor sandbox with pantry items, like oatmeal!
  4. Corn meal is also a great substitute for sand when you’re stuck indoors.
  5. Rice crispies are awesome for sensory play, they crunch! From Dirt and Boogers
  6. Make a necklace with Fruity-Os or just a sensory tub is fun too from No Time for Flash Cards.
  7. Hot cocoa mix and marshmallows! From Making time for Mommy
  8. Flour alone is a great sensory activity for young kids to play in.
  9. bowl of uncooked Cream of Wheat for kids to play in! From My Small Potatoes.
  10. Set out big marshmallows for kids to explore. Activities for all five senses from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

 More sensory play ideas from the kitchen:

  1. Jello is a sweet sensory play idea! From Meri Cherry.
  2. Make oobleck with cocoa from some chocolate-y sensory play! Add a fizzing twist as a bonus! From Learn Play Imagine.
  3. Cool whip is a great edible substitute for shaving cream! Sweet idea from Growing Country Roots.
  4. Eeew! Worms! Ha, nope, they’re just cooked noodles! Check out what The Measured Mom uses for the mud/dirt!
  5. Make coconut dough! From Creative Playhouse.
  6. Fresh fruit, balls of melons make a refreshing sensory tub for babies to taste test! From Play at Home Mom.
  7. Explore fruit in fruit jigglers! Cookie cutters add another element of fun! From Modern Parents Messy Kids.
  8. Dig frozen veggies out of the freezer! A chilly sensory bin!
  9. Colored cooked spaghetti! Slimy Fun!
  10. Ice! So simple, yet ice is so fun for kids to play with, its gets slippery and hard to hold on to!

Creative edible sensory play ideas:

  1. Babies can paint on not worry if they put it in their mouth. Try a fruit paint!
  2. Or just baby food works great for an edible finger paint!
  3. We also made this gelatin based homemade finger paint recipe to paint tape resist!
  4. The Imagination Tree has a corn starch based finger paint recipe that looks a little thicker to try!
  5. Yogurt also works for finger painting for little kids! Smells great too!
  6. Make some pudding for painting too like The Mother Huddle.
  7. Kool-aid adds a sweet smell for added sensory to paint. From Fun at Home with Kids
  8. Use spaghetti ‘brooms’ as paintbrushes! From Blog Me Mom

Take sensory into play, and keep them edible:

  1. Set snacks out to put in a bottle to make a baby rattle! Young kids will love to hear it shake! Plus its added fine motor.
  2. Set up a food exploring station to see all they can explore! From Modern Parents Messy Kids.
  3. Freeze berries in some water and have the kids ‘excavate’ them out!
  4. Make a peanut butter play dough, so easy! From Kids Activities Blog
  5. Check out these frozen smoothies for sensory play from Learn Play Imagine! How cool!
  6. Decorate pancakes with baby food! From Modern Parents Messy Kids.

Be sure to check out the collaborative Pinterest board with Ella’s Kitchen with many edible sensory play ideas that are all perfect for our kids that still put everything in their mouth, its called Tiny Taste Bud Adventures!

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  1. Genien says

    Please do not use flour during sensory play. It is very dangerous. We are warned against this because when you breathe flour into the lungs, it hardens into a cement type substance which stops the lungs from working. People have died from this.

  2. Anna says

    I work at a day care in an infant / pre toddler class room
    I was hoping to find a fun food activity to do with the kids on this web site.
    But I came across some really BAD ideas,
    Big Marshmallows and melon balls are both choking hazards.
    Peanut butter play dough ? Better have an EpiPen Jr. on hand.
    No Thanks !

    • says

      Thanks for your input Anna. There’s many people that don’t have the issue with peanut allergies that it would be wonderful for, obviously, if you have kids or have an allergy with peanuts, don’t choose that one. There’s 31 other edible sensory ideas you could try.

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