A Sample Weekly Plan of Crafts for Kids

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Every weekend I try to make a plan of activities for the coming week to start on Monday.

I start with the gauging what my child is interested in (using the “My Child This Week” sheet of the free weekly planner). I fill one out for each of my kids and what they’re into at the moment. I use this as my guide to plan our activities accordingly.

With each of my kids’ interests, I brainstorm 7 activities to do that week. I jot them down on the simple ‘Activities To Do This Week’ planner.

Below is a sample week of fun crafts to do with young kids.

5 weekly plans of activities for each one year olds, two year olds, and preschoolers (plus a learning one too!)

7 simple crafts to do for a week with the kids

Monday: Find a great walking stick and clip off any sprouts. Decorate it with paint to their desire. Supplies: nature’s sticks, paint, paintbrushes, pruners or loppers

Tuesday: Make a nature suncatcher. Cut the centers out of paper plates. Cover with clear contact paper. Fill with found objects from nature. Supplies: paper plates, clear contact (sticky) paper, objects from nature

Wednesday: Make homemade wind chimes! Paint tin cans and punch a hole in the bottoms. Thread nuts and washers on the inside using yarn to hang them. Supplies: tin cans, paint and glitter (optional), string or yarn, washers and nuts, hammer

Thursday: Make a telescope from a plastic bottle. Cut off the bottom of the bottle. Decorate the sides with markers or colorful tape. Supplies: plastic bottle, scissors (or knife), markers or tape

Friday: Make beautiful flowers with coffee filters. Paint or dip them in colored water. Let dry. Twist centers to form a flower and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center for a stem. Supplies: coffee filters, water, food coloring, dishes, paintbrushes, pipe cleaners

Saturday: Make a paper bag mask by cutting two holes around the eyes. Decorate with paper and glue! Supplies: paper bag, colored paper scraps, school glue

Sunday: Build and create with crafts sticks and glueSupplies: colored crafts sticks, school glue

Family Time Tip! Leave Saturday and Sunday open for things to do as a family (like a movie night or cuddles).

5 weekly plans of activities for each one year olds, two year olds, and preschoolers (plus a learning one too!)

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