Yarn Wrapped Ornaments for Window

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Ever since I shared my favorite 30 homemade ornaments for kids, I’ve been eyeing those adorable yarn wrapped ornaments by The Crafty Crow!

I decided I wanted them big to hang in the window at Christmastime.

I tried it with some cardboard boxes, but I never had any that were big enough for what I was thinking. It wasn’t until I realized that I’m a cake decorator and I have multiple sizes of round cardboard available to me all the time! Anywhere from 6 inches to a 14 inch round piece of cardboard! I was so excited!

Of course, you can still do it with a cardboard box too, just cut out a circle! Whatever size you like.

Yarn Wrapped Ornaments Craft

I cut slits around the edge of the circles. Some circles I cut them all the same (about a half an inch, or an inch on some of the bigger circles), and some circles I decided to change it up and cut some deeper while I left others as a smaller slit. In the end, I prefer the ornaments that have all the same depth slits.

(I didn’t measure anything, mine aren’t a certain width a part or anything. Some circles I cut a bunch of slits, others less… do what you prefer!)

Wrapping ornaments with yarn

There’s no tying required. I just slipped a piece of yarn through one of the slits so that the end was towards the back and let Henry wrap away.

He did struggle quite a bit with knowing which side to go across next. It worked well when we worked together on one ornament. I would hold an ornament and flip it over each time he wrapped it across.

You can wrap it in a pattern, or completely random. Do a little, or do a lot. Use just one color (we used red and green yarn) or mix it up (Henry’s preference!).

When you’ve completed your yarn design on the ornament, simply end it when your yarn is on the backside, cut  the yarn long so you have a string to hang it by! Hang it in the window!

Yarn wrapped ornaments for window

This was such a simple activity for us. We’ve made several of these yarn wrapped ornaments for the window. And Henry is still asking to do more!

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