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With the weather getting cooler each day, I’ve found that we’re not getting outside nearly as much as we were this summer.

The weather is still plenty nice to play all day outside, just with a jacket on instead. (Though that jacket seems to have bugs crawling in it or something, Henry just doesn’t want to keep it on!)

To get us in the mood to play outside, here are a few activities that we can still do in this cooler weather.

  1. Jump in the leaves, an obvious one, but you can’t forget it either! Raking up the leaves as well as jumping in them can provide an entire afternoon of entertainment for children.
  2. Blow bubbles! Try colored bubbles from Crayola (affiliate link) or you could make your own, too with a simple DIY recipe. Be careful though, the Crayola ones do stain. Check out http://clorox2play2day.com/ for stain fighting tips that are sure to work.
  3. Build a bird’s nest. Gather up some materials and make some mud to stick it together. A fun way to get into nature and explore, as well as build something with your own hands. A valuable lesson for the children.
  4. Work outside together, picking weeds, or cleaning up your planting beds for the year. Maybe even a better lesson involved here. Learning the daily grind of owning a home. What’s better though is that every preschooler loves to help in any way they can. Take advantage of that while you still can!
  5. Put together a balance beam for outside, or make a maze! The possibilities are endless with a few boards.
  6. Roll down a hill. As fast as you can.
  7. Take art outside and make it big! Plenty of ideas for this one. Take any idea you have for art, and think big, think the whole body getting involved. We loved using ribbon and throwing it on our paper to make art. We’ve also rolled and kicked balls across the paper for some more active art as well. It just helps to take art outside and you’ll be inspired.
  8. Go for a bike or trike ride. Get those legs moving and burn off some energy!
  9. Get to the playground still. Just throw on a jacket and play the day away.
  10. Carve pumpkins, of course. Take it outside and make a bigger mess!

Take the pledge at http://clorox2play2day.com/  to play outside!

Playing outside is bound to create grass stains, or mud stains, or you name it. Stains happen, especially with little boys. Get outside and get dirty – head over to http://clorox2play2day.com/ for more ideas and inspiration as well as some cleaning solutions and stain fighting tips. We all need those.

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  1. Anonymous says

    we take our toddlers out everyday….unfortunately i work for a migrant program and all the biligual para's think that 50 degrees is "Cold"….I love it and feel that in order for the children to love it i need everyone to be vocal about how wonderful it feels to run and play outside

  2. Heather says

    LOVE this post! Do you think I'd be weird if I took rakes to the park since we don't have a yard and they have plenty of trees? I want to jump in the leaves!!

    Stopping by from Mom Loop

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