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George has been learning his letters and its amazing me how easily he’s catching on.

I don’t think he’s quite there to know all the letter just be seeing them. So I set up a learning activity that had him looking at a letter and then spotting it in the lineup.

Learning letters with a squirt

I wrote a few random letters on our chalkboard.

Using our Melissa & Doug ABC Block Cart (affiliate link), I grabbed the same letter blocks for George to grab from.

Once he grabbed the block, he tried to identify the letter if he could. If not, no big deal.

Then George found the letter in the letter lineup on the chalkboard.

No chalkboard? Get chalkboard contact paper! (Affiliate link)

Matching up letters to squirt

And then it was time for the fun part. He got to squirt the letter with water to erase it from the lineup!

Some letters he just did one big squirt and went on to the next. Other letters he took his time and made sure every part of the letter washed away.


I cannot believe how big of a hit this activity was. I wrote lineup after lineup of letters on the chalkboard. We even did some numbers.

Squirt! A fun way for a toddler to learn letters

Henry even did a version of the activity that was more advanced with sight words. He would write his word and then squirt it. I could have wrote his list of sight words on the board and then have him identify them the same way George did the letters.

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