Nature Scavenger Hunt: Perfect for Young Kids

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The boys and I had a much needed evening in our yard doing a nature scavenger hunt!

To be honest, ever since I started working on the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack, I haven’t spent nearly enough time playing with my kids. We still have done activities and played every day, but not nearly enough. It was time to take a break from ‘blog work’ and focus on the kids and just have fun!

And this scavenger hunt was such a fun way to kick off the summer.

There’s lots and lots of super fun scavenger hunt ideas for kids! Have fun!

We turned it into a nature scavenger hunt and collected items to use later on for yet another activity we found in the Summer Activities Pack (our windows are looking gorgeous, hint hint! I’ll share that next week!). Collecting the items is completely optional, if you decide to, you’ll need a basket or bag of some sort to hold all their findings.Henry finished up school last week, so we have been going through the Summer Activities Pack planning out the summer. And one of the printables, as part of the Nature theme, is a Garden Scavenger Hunt, by Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute, to go outside and hunt for these items in your garden.

Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids

We set outside to find some gorgeous colored items from nature! Its times like these that I really wish I had a better green thumb so I’d have more of a selection for the kids to choose from.

This nature scavenger hunt is very open-ended and the items that the kids find to collect can vary depending on what they like, as long as the selection is there…

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Searching for descriptive items on a nature scavenger hunt

We searched nature for things like:

  • small flowers
  • big flowers
  • plants with no flowers
  • something that smells good
  • something in their favorite color
  • a big leaf
  • a leaf that has a cool shape
  • sticks (that was actually harder than I expected in the spring)

Nature Scavenger Hunt

It was such a refreshing and fun activity to do with the boys in the evening. The neighbor girl even joined us at the end to help us find some sticks!

Getting outside and running around was much needed too. I think it might be the perfect activity to do in the evenings during that crazy time when they’re getting tired, but yet all wound up. We need to spend more of our evenings running outside, I think!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

You can download and print a copy of the Nature Scavenger Hunt that we did and get the Camp Mom: Summer Activities Pack for fantastic fun like this to do all summer long!

Click the image below for 32 scavenger hunt ideas for kids to have a super fun time with!

32 scavenger hunt ideas for kids

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  1. Kylie says

    Great idea! I did something similar for my son’s 4th birthday party this year. He had a Dora themed party and it was in a park so I decided they would go on scavenger hunt. I printed out a list (similar to yours) with pictures of lots of things from nature and little boxes next to them to cross off. I paired off the kids and each pair had an adult to help them and they got a purple bag and pencil to cross off the items as they found them. I don’t know who had more fun in the end, the parents or the kids!

  2. Stef Layton says

    I think scavenger hunts truly inspire creative thinking. It’s so fun to see what they bring back. We started doing “nontraditional” hunts – book titles, star wars characters, etc. and it has made our mornings really fun!

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