It’s Playtime! More Snow Activities!

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We’re getting snow tonight!

Time to get busy with some of those snow activities I posted about yesterday!

And here’s five more snow themed activities!
So, now you have 37 snow ideas for the kids to do!

The It’s Playtime! players have been getting creative with their snow activities since no one seemed to have any snow.

(My Oatmeal Kisses: Poofs of Snow)

No snow? Make it!

My Oatmeal kisses creates snow two ways! First with diapers (yes, diapers) and then with powdered sugar and marshmallows! I’m seriously so excited about these ideas!

Have some fun with a snowball fight!

Above, from left to right:
Do you go out in the snow with your kids? 

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  1. Cerys @ Rainy Day Mum says

    Thank you so much for featuring our snow cloud dough – it's a firm favourite and been combined with one I've linked up this week. I so wish we had snow as J is still asking for it every morning.

  2. Jackie H. says

    You brought the snow!!! All this snow talk over her at hands on as we grow and now we had snow last night. Thanks for being our good luck charm, we were needing a little of the white stuff!

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