Easy Activity: Pop Bottle Bowling

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Bowling is fun for all ages!

Even the littlest kids can get a kick out of it just by watching you knock down the pins!

Indoor bowling can be done on a whim so easily!

Just take a look around your house for something to stand up as the pins. Do you have paper towels? or just the tubes? or even toilet paper? and how about pop bottles like we used?


We taped out a bowling ‘alley’ and set up pop bottles for bowling pins. (Yes, as I’ve mentioned on Facebook, I’m a Diet Dew drinker…)

Take a ball and roll it towards the pins as best you can!



For older kids you can have them count how many they knocked down and give them a second roll (just like in real bowling) and have them add it up, or just write down their scores!

For the babies, just do a little game of rolling, you can knock them down yourself and you’re sure to get giggles.

Toddlers just get a kick out of being allowed to knock something down! They may do it themselves instead of with a ball, but go ahead and let them!

Crayon Freckles recently did a Monster Truck Bowling activity that is perfect for the kids that absolutely love to go-go-go and drive anything and everything!

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