One to One Correspondence Practice with Dice & Blocks

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With just some blocks and a pair of dice, Henry practiced one to one correspondence and counting, as well as building towers! And even a little bit of patterning, all on his own!

We did a similar activity with our blocks and ABC Mat as well, the dice were a new thing to Henry.

Counting with Blocks and Dice - building exercise to practice one to one correspondence

I had him start with just one die. Rolling a die is a new skill too!

He’d count the dots on that die after he rolled it. Then he’d stack a tower with that number of blocks. Counting as he built it. Practicing that one to one correspondence without even realizing it.

After he finished, he’d check his work, and count the blocks again (even more practicing one to one correspondence).

Counting practice three times over!

Counting and one to one correspondence

When he used just one die, he was also patterning as he built the towers. Completely on his own and showing me his pattern when he finished!

Once he got the hang of it with one die, he added the second. Working his way up to twelve.

Counting wasn’t the problem, building the tower then became the problem.

And he had to find a new way to do it. I love how he solved the problem by standing the blocks on their side, instead of end to end.

One to one correspondence practice for builders!

I completely intended this to be an activity for him to add on to the tower to build on large structure with each roll of the die. But Henry really liked to knock it down each time and start over.

More hands on ways to practice one to one correspondence:

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  1. says

    A great idea indeed Jamie!
    I know kids always likes to knock down the blocks and start over every time. My son loves building towers as high as possible and knock it down pretending to be one of the Marvel characters. :)
    He is a little over 6 years and now we practice adding numbers with dice and board games.
    Love your blog…

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