12 Halloween Activities for Kids

For Halloween not being one of the ‘major’ holidays like Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving [you know, where you get the entire family together for a feast], it sure does bring out some awesome activities to do with the kids!

There’s hundreds of ideas floating around, of course, and I’m sharing with you our 12 Halloween activities that we’ve done here on hands on : as we grow. Don’t forget to browse the 60 Halloween activities that have been featured here, too [they're listed at the end!].


Halloween Activities:

Shaving Cream Puffy Paint Ghost 40 pumpkin activities, decorating, and learning to do with the kids

Shaving Cream Puffy Paint Ghost
& Spider Web

After some Halloween sensory play with shaving cream, cut out some ghosts and spider webs to decorate!

Pumpkin Mummy Family

Pick out some pumpkins that resemble your family and make them into mummies for a table decoration!

Yarn Monster Halloween Craft Halloween Kids Craft: Spooky Treat Holders or Candy Bags
Yarn Monsters

Create monsters with yarn and glue. Add some monster touches and hang on a Halloween monster tree!

Spooky Treat Holders

Get crafty with toilet paper tubes and crepe paper to make candy holders!

Sticky Spider Web

Use tape in a doorway [or hallway] and make a sticky spider web to catch ‘flies’!

Spaghetti Webs

Dye cooked spaghetti the color of your choice. Add some ‘glue’ to the mix and make spider webs to hang in the window!

Foam Monster Treat Bags
Monster Treat Bags

Have a Halloween party? Make these monster treat bags during the party for take home treats!


Monster Pumpkins

Add zits, eyes and hair to some odd looking pumpkins to make them into monsters!

4 Halloween Sensory Activities:

Shaving Cream Sensory Activity for Toddlers image_14[1]
Orange Halloween Shaving Cream

Add food coloring to shaving cream and let your toddler [and preschooler] enjoy the gooey-ness of it all!

Slimy Spaghetti Potion

Add food coloring and oil to cooked spaghetti and let your toddler mix up some slimy spaghetti potions!

Slimy Eyes Sensory Bag Gingerbread Boy Mummies
Slimy Eyes Sensory Bag

Put hair gel [and food coloring if necessary] along with monster features, such as googly eyes, in a baggy for some sensory exploration!

Gingerbread Boy Mummies

Dress up a gingerbread boy for a tasty [and smelly] treat for the holiday to make with the kids!

Browse 60 more Halloween Activities!

[that have been featured on hands on : as we grow]

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