Winter Craft : Snowman Puppets!

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I’m grateful to have such wonderful friends in the blog world to allow me to take a little bit of a break this month to spend more time with my family during the holidays.Today’s post is written and shared by Terri at Creative Family Fun. A fun craft to create with the kids, and play with it afterwards! Terri teaches us how to make snowman finger puppets! So adorable!

snowman finger puppets

Hi, I’m Terri from My Creative Family.

In order to give Jamie a much needed break, I’m here to share a fun craft with you, snowman finger puppets.

winter christmas craft snowman finger puppets

See those cute little guys (or ladies if you prefer).

They’re fun and fuzzy and made entirely from items we had about the house.

winter craft snowman finger puppets

Supplies needed to make snowman puppets:

  • Cardboard from an empty cracker or cereal box (you will want to use thin cardboard).
  • White craft paint
  • Glue
  • Cotton balls
  • Colored beads (sequins, buttons or googly eyes would also work)
  • Scraps of yarn

winter christmas craft snowman finger puppets

Start by drawing a snowman shape on your cardboard and cutting it out. Don’t worry about pencil marks. They will soon get covered up.

While you’re cutting, you’ll also need an additional strip of cardboard (about 4 – 5 inches long).

Paint your snowman shape white.

While your paint is drying a bit, take your cotton balls and start separating them.

Stretch them, unroll them, and get rid of that ball shape!

christmas craft snowman finger puppets

Next, add glue. Add a lot of glue. This is the part that gets a little bit sticky and a little bit messy, but it’s worth it.

Take all that cotton and press into the glue.

You want to cover the entire snowman.

winter christmas craft snowman finger puppets

Now that your snowman is nice and fuzzy, it’s time to embellish! We used small beads. But, this is the point where you can be creative and use what you have.

Use sequins, googly eyes, or small bits of paper. Anything would work here!

If you’re working with small children and don’t really want to use all the small bits to embellish, you can always use dots of paint for your snowman’s face.

When gluing on our beads, we made sure to use a lot of glue and to really press down so it would adhere to the cardboard and not just the cotton.

winter christmas craft snowman finger puppets

When you’re satisfied with your embellishing, take your yarn and make a scarf. I used three strips of yarn and tied it around each snowman’s neck.

Again, use what you have. Fabric scraps would also make cute scarves.

At this point, it’s time to turn them into finger puppets!

winter christmas craft snowman finger puppets

Grab that extra strip of cardboard and roll it into a ring. Tape it to the bottom of the backside of your snowman.

Helpful tip: I found that little fingers have an easier time using these as finger puppets if the ring is close to the bottom.

Use strong tape or several strips if you find that your cardboard wants to unroll (like the stubborn cracker box we had).

Now, go and have fun!

Sing a few rounds of Frosty the Snowman and play with your new finger puppets!

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I’m Terri, married, 30-something, stay-at-home mom to two girls. I still feel likea kid at heart. I love arts & crafts time, picture books and a goodcartoon. I want to nurture my girls, teach them, let them discover the worldall while guiding them with my sometimes capable, but not always, hands.  Author of Creative Family Fun.

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  1. RedTedArt says

    Oh my these are adorable! Love them! And hooray for giving Jamie a break :-)

    PS Jamie… am linking you up to Kids Get Crafty to help drive traffic in your "time off time"… hope that is ok!

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