Completely Upcycled Homemade Wrapping Paper for Teacher’s Gift

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I was gathering supplies to give to Henry’s teachers for Christmas. They have asked parents for gifts for their classrooms instead of gifts for them personally.

So, I emptied out my craft cupboard and have (probably) fully stocked them up!

And then I realized I had absolutely no wrapping paper in the house left. Shucks. Christmas wrapping has taken it all.

In lieu of store-bought Christmas wrapping paper, the boys made their own homemade wrapping paper using Ella’s Kitchen baby food to paint it!

Completely upcycled homemade wrapping paper made with baby food and baby food caps

This month I’ve been partnering with Ella’s Kitchen and brought you a few fun holiday crafts (the Santa hat Christmas cards, Christmas tree art, and the Christmas tree ornament), that are easy to make, fun to give to family, and great for creating memories with your kids. That’s all good in every sense, right?

Being good in every sense is what Ella’s Kitchen is all about, meaning that they really focus on how their baby food engages all of the senses so that our babies will grow up to be good little eaters. That’s why their packaging is bright, the pouches are scrunchy and fun for Louis to squeeze and the food is made with only whole ingredients so that it smells delicious and packs a BIG taste.

Since we’ve been getting packages for Christmas gifts shipped to us, I’ve gotten a few of these large sheets of brown paper packaging that work perfectly for wrapping paper. We’re not about to let all that go to waste! Time to upcycle it first!

Did you know that Ella’s Kitchen has a partnership with Terracycle to help recycle their pouches into unique and useful items like baby bags, playgrounds, gardens and more? They’re taking upcycling to a whole new level!

The boys got to ‘work’ decorating they’re upcycled wrapping paper. I set them up with some dishes of homemade (and edible) paint!

I simply squirted some baby food into a dish, added some color oomph to it with food coloring in Christmas colors (red, green and gold). Smells awesome!

We’ve made two other versions of homemade edible finger paint, too. One I cooked and another is with yogurt!

Make homemade edible finger paint with leftover baby food

They stamped the paper in all the colors using the Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouch caps, and a circular sponge stamper that I had on hand.

George didn’t much into the stamping and just painting on his corner of the paper.

Making homemade wrapping paper by upcycling everything

Find 10 more ideas for DIY wrapping paper designs.My fave is the simple dot sticker wrapping paper from Red Ted Art.

On the other hand, Henry stamped all over the reused brown paper packaging in every color.

Making completely upcycled homemade wrapping paper for Christmas

I waited for it to dry and wrapped up Henry’s teacher’s gift in it and even stuck in a bag of the Ella’s Kitchen baby food pouch caps, because there’s lots of learning from them (check out those ideas from The Educator’s Spin On It) too!

Completely upcycled homemade wrapping paper for kids to make

I have a Pinterest board to showcase some fun holiday crafts that are easy to make with the kids, plus fun to give to family. All about being good in every sense.

Find out more about the flavors and yummy goodness of Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food and how its good in every sense:

Disclosure: I’m excited to be brand ambassador for Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food!

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