Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment with Color Fun

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Any baking soda and vinegar experiment I’ve ever done with the kids has always been a success. The fizz just makes it so much fun!

Henry was fascinated by the reactions the colored vinegar made when it hit the baking soda in this activity.

This science experiment, that I found at The Adventures of the Smith Family, was super easy to set up.

Just spread out some baking soda on a cookie sheet and add color to some vinegar!

While I was coloring the vinegar, I let Henry have some experimental play of his own with the baking soda first.

Exploring baking soda and its textures

He liked to see the prints his hammer made when he hit it.

I suggested dropping a golf ball in the mound of baking soda, hoping to make moon craters. He didn’t find that as fascinating as the hammer though.

During his experimenting, I simply poured vinegar into three small dishes. And added a few drops of food coloring to each.

Add colored vinegar to baking soda

I handed Henry a few different choices for droppers: an old medicine syringe, a dropper and a large turkey baster. That’s what I had on hand to use.

I loved seeing what those little fingers were doing as he sucked up and squirted the vinegar in each of the droppers. They’re all great for fine motor skills.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment with Color Fun

We also tried to reverse the science experiment by adding baking soda to the vinegar.

We experimented to find the perfect ratio of baking soda to vinegar for the best reactions, find out what it is!

Henry wasn’t thrilled with this because it didn’t work nearly as well.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment with Color Fun

Watching the baking soda fizz as the vinegar hit was exciting! Seeing the colors mix together was pretty neat too.

Henry continued until every last drop of colored vinegar was used.

Even then he started sucking up vinegar from the cookie sheet to squirt it again!

Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment with Color Fun

Even though it looks like there may have been some sensory play going on, I don’t believe a finger even touched the pan! I was amazed that Henry could keep his hands off. I think the designs were made by dragging the dropper through the baking soda.

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  1. libby says

    i loved the experiment. i will pass this idea on.
    i am 71 years old. i was excited to see the fizz in a jar as the two combined when i was a kid.
    i cannot remember how i used to make a moth ball bounce up and down, but i bet it involved vinegar.
    i now follow the idea a little differently in the sink drain. i put the baking powder in first, then the vinegar. it is supposed to clean where we don’t want our hands to go. perhaps i will put colored vinegar in the sink. will the bubbles be colored? try it and see.
    white vinegar is safer to use to clean with rather than bleach and sterilizes too.
    you can go to the [email protected] site for other uses for vinegar.
    thank you for passing your ideas on. grandmother libby and good neighbor

  2. Helena Alkhas says

    Great activity Jamie and I know even my 10 year old twins would love to play with it. We have a hands-on science program in their school and they always love it. We think they grow and won’t be into something anymore just to see their big smiles when they’re hands-on on an activity. Awesome site, too! Cheers, Helena.

  3. Larissa says

    i had my daughter make one caelld jumping raisins you get two plastic clear cups eight raisings on each cup then in one you put a can of sprite soda and on the other you add one tbs of baking soda and on the rest fill it up with vinigar so the idea is that the raisins will jump more with sprite but its cool to watch

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