Spring Flower Art Project for Kids to Create

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I’ve been meaning to do bottle stamping for ages. And I’m so glad we did it as a flower art project! It was so simple!

Speaking of simple, there’s 36 spring crafts for kids that are simple to make, and 21 spring art projects for kids to create! They’ll love it!

Seriously though, I’m even amazed that Henry took to this activity, because it was on one of those days… and this is a 3-step process, so I really didn’t think he would last. (It was still pretty quick though.)

But he did last. And he really, really enjoyed it.

A creative spring flower art project for kids to make - straw painting and bottle prints! Fun!

And we got some great artwork for the wall just in time for the flowers to start popping up outside! (Anyone else as super excited as I am for that first bloom?)

How to do our 3-step flower art project:

A creative spring flower art project for kids to make

I was going to say that the straw blown stems was his favorite part… but now I’m not sure! Every step was really fun!

To make the stems, I just dropped a few drops of green food coloring into a small bowl of water. Henry used a dropper/syringe to squirt some in a pile on the paper.

Blowing paint with straws to make a spring flower art project

Then he blew it as far across the paper as he could!

Once the paper was filled with flower stems, it was time for the flowers to ‘bloom’. (Like that? hee hee…)

Bottle prints to make a flower art project

I put some purple paint in a small dish (just big enough for a pop bottle to fit in).

Henry dipped in the paint and printed flowers on the top of his stems.

And the last finishing touch…

The flower center.

With a quick dip of the thumb into some yellow paint, Henry added the centers to the flowers.

There’s 10 more stunning flower crafts for the kids to make! They’d be perfect for homemade gifts or cards!

Thumbprint for the center of the flower!

That’s it!

His flower art project is complete.

Spring Flower Art Project for Kids to Create -- bottle prints and straw blown stems

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    • Jamie says

      I just used 12×12 scrapbook paper. That’s what we usually use for most of our projects. It did soak up quickly, but it still worked well for the little bit of blowing it across that we did. If we were doing an entire project of straw blowing, watercolor paper might work better.

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