Counting Blocks While Building Towers

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Counting blocks on their corresponding numbers. We always have a lot of fun with counting. And a lot of fun with blocks.

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counting blocks to build a tower

How do you get a preschooler boy excited about learning? Bring in the big machines.

By bringing in Henry’s everyday love of farming into activities, especially learning activities, he’s excited to do it!

That, and Henry is excited about counting lately, too. So this was especially fun for him! (Until his little brother woke from his nap and all the towers came tumbling down…)

I had Henry first put together the ABC Mat numbers in a straight row, counting to put them in the correct order.

We used our ABC Mat, if you don’t have one (get one! – affiliate link) you could use just pieces of paper with numbers written on them.

To really get him into the activity, Henry loaded up the blocks in a semi to haul them to the number mats. (Affiliate link to the semi we have.)

Hauling blocks to go count

Block towers were stacked on their corresponding number.

Counting blocks from 1-9 on ABC mat

The number 0 got 0 blocks. The 1 got a 1 block tower. The 2 got a 2 block tower… and so on, all the way up to a tower that’s 9 blocks high!

Counting blocks while building towers on the ABC mat

Henry made a few mistakes, but did double check his work and found his errors.

He even argued with me a little, until he counted them himself.

Counting blocks again to see if they're correct

I can’t believe what a success this activity was.

Counting blocks has never been so much fun!

And it has so much learning potential for a preschooler.

… And then George woke up from nap… and that was the end of counting the block towers…

We’ve had lots of fun counting blocks in activities:

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  1. Having Fun says

    I was going to say that this would be a awesome activity to do with my daughter, but then she'd have to complete with her 2 year old sister. Then I noticed you said at the end that his brother was napping. I'll have to do it with my daughter when sister is napping. Cool. Very hands on and I'm sure what he loves. Trucks.

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