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This week is back to school for Henry, and next week George starts preschool. Back to school is definitely in full swing!

How do you make an easy transition to get back into the school routine? I always think its fun to get the kids a little excited! Of course, with back to school shopping for supplies and clothes.

But what else?

Any special traditions that you do with the kids?

These may be some ideas for new traditions, or just some fun for the week leading up to school! This is a sample of back to school activities I use in the kids activities planner for the week.

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In each week for the activities planners, I try to include:

Though with holidays and special events like back to school, its sometimes hard to fit an activity into every one of those areas.

Back to school weekly activities planner

Monday: First Day of School Self-Portraits

What’s needed:

  • roll of art paper or butcher paper
  • Markers, crayons, or anything to draw with

Click to see how we made our self portraits

Tuesday: Countdown to School with Books

What’s needed:

  • A book for each day until school starts, from the library
  • Paper (wrapping paper, art paper, newspaper…)
  • Markers

Click to see how we counted down to school using books

Wednesday: Morning Routine with Put Ups

What’s needed:

  • Nothing!

Click to see how we worked on put ups

Thursday: Kick off the year with a About Me interview

What’s needed:

Click to see how I interviewed the boys

Friday: Explore apples and create an apple tree

What’s needed:

  • Paper
  • Scrap pieces of paper in green, red and brown
  • Glue or glue sticks
  • Glitter (optional)

Click to see how we made an apple tree

Saturday: Make a gift for the new teacher

Some to try:

  • Several jars, containers, glasses, cups, that are clear
  • Water
  • Pantry items (spices, oatmeal, etc), or could take it outside and do items from nature too

Click to see how A Little Claireification made their teacher a vase

Sunday: Family Day! Do a Back to School Date!

Click to see how I Can Teach My Child made it a back to school date

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