8 Father’s Day Activities on It’s Playtime!


Its Father’s Day this Sunday and we’re all set. Well almost. I gotta grab a couple things yet myself, but the kids have made their gift for Dad. Have yours?

Maybe you need some quick inspiration. B Inspired Mama has a list of 10 things that the kids can do for dad. And I’m sharing a few creations the kids can make for dad.

Here are 8 things the kids can make for dad.

8 Father's Day Activities the Kids can make Dad
Above, from top, left to right:

  1. Domestic Goddesque has some really easy Father’s Day crafts that I adored. This one is a candy bar wrapped in the kids’ artwork. Love that!
  2. My boys made these colorful bowls with Sharpies! Let them decorate them for Dad any way they like!
  3. The Fairy and the Frog made a Father’s Day card using artwork and some cutout letters. So adorable.
  4. Raise a Boy took snapshots of the kids and made some photo bookmarks for Dad. Perfect for a reader!
  5. 3 Boys and a Dog does some cute finger painting with crayon resist “I Love My Dad!”
  6. 3 Boys and a Dog also gave Dad a grade. Report card and all. Nice Job and Well Done stickers are sure to make Dad happy!
  7. The Dad in this house is a drummer so we made Dad some tin can drums and decorated them!
  8. Another one of the easy Father’s Day crafts from Domestic Goddesque, a sewing activity with those rubber mats!

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