15 Christmastime Activities for Kids

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The kids and I have had a blast with Christmastime activities this year! I thought I’d place them all in one spot, along with some of my faves from last year!

With one week to Christmas, there’s plenty of time to do a few activities yet.

However, I know with the holiday shopping madness, you’re probably not going to want to head to the store just to get some school glue, or something else, just to do a Christmas craft. At least I don’t.

So, I included a quick reference here of all the supplies you’ll need to do the activity. So you’ll know right off hand if you have right stuff!

15 Christmas activities for kids to do - with a quick supply list!

15 Christmas crafts & activities for the kids!


Homemade Christmas Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint Christmas cards

What’s needed: Scrapbook paper/cardstock, Green, Brown and Red Paint, Sequins (or other misc small craft items), Glue

Christmas Sparkle Cloud Dough

Christmas Sparkle Cloud Dough

What’s needed: Vegetable Oil, Corn Starch, Glitter (optional), Measuring cups (optional)

Homemade Christmas GIngerbread House Card

Gingerbread House Greeting Card

What’s needed: Scrapbook paper/cardstock (white, brown and blue, colored paper is optional), Foam sheets (optional), Red marker, Scissors, Glue, Hole punch

Christmas Yarn Ornaments

Large Yarn Wrapped Ornaments

What’s needed: Cardboard cake rounds (or cut circles from a cardboard box), Yarn, Scissors

Christmas Carols

New Christmas Carols!

What’s needed: A Christmas spirit!

Christmas Paper Chain Countdown

Paper Chain Countdown

What’s needed: Wrapping Paper (new or scraps), Scissors, Tape

Upcycled Christmas Tree Decorations

Upcycled Christmas Trees

What’s needed: Items from your recycling bin, a cup, a hat, a coffee tin…, Misc. small craft items (such as sequins, buttons, pom poms, glitter), Green paint, Straw, Scrapbook paper/Cardstock, Glue

Christmas Tree Window Decorations

Foam Christmas Trees

What’s needed: Green Foam sheets (self-adhesive), Misc. small craft objects (such as buttons, sequins, jewels, glitter), Scissors, Water, Glue (if non-adhesice foam sheets)

Tape Resist Candy Cane Decorations

Tape Resist Candy Cane

What’s needed: Scrapbook paper/cardstock (white), Painter’s tape, Red finger paint, Scissors, Glue

Wrapping Paper Stocking

Wrapping Paper Stocking

What’s needed: Wrapping paper scraps, Scrapbook paper/cardstock (2 colors), Scissors, Glue, Marker

Christmas Coffee Filter Garland

Christmas Garland

What’s needed: Coffee filters, Markers, Long piece of string (ribbon, yarn, thread), Glue

Homemade Christmas Tree Button Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament

What’s needed: Green felt, Foam sheet (optional is self-adhesive), Glue gun/Hot Glue stick (if non-adhesive foam sheet), School glue, Buttons (or other misc. small craft objects), Ribbon, Scissors

Christmas Decorations for the Kids Rooms

Decorate the kids room

What’s needed: Christmas lights, Red ribbon, A nail, Tape

Christmas Tree Card

Christmas Tree Card

What’s needed: Scrapbook paper/cardstock (2-3 colors), Glitter (or other misc. small craft objects), Glue, Scissors

Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Ornament

What’s needed: Ice cream sticks/Popsicle sticks. Glitter Glue (or just glitter). Glue (if don’t have glitter glue). Ribbon/Yarn

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