10 Top Toys for Builders

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The boys have been building and construction fanatics lately. And I’ve come to realize that instead of more and more toys to add to our collection of toys that never get played with. I’d rather have a toy that can be added onto to make it bigger and better in the years to come.

Blocks are perfect to add onto year after year. And kids don’t really grow out of blocks. They just start to use them differently as they grow older. Which I love to see.

I’ve selected 10 of my favorite building toys for kids. Some my kids have played with for years, and some are ones I want to make sure they will in the years to come! (Affiliate links are used below)

These are my 10 top toys for your builder!

Top Toys for Builders

Building Toys We Approve:
Large Megabloks: These are perfect for young toddlers to begin exploring blocks. They’re large enough to not worry about those that put things in their mouths. They easily slip onto each other for the youngest builders. Henry got this set when he was a year old and still plays with them at 4 years old. See them in action:

Mega Bloks Mini: This set is a bit smaller than the above mentioned Mega Blocks (but bigger than the typical Legos you think of). These take a little bit more skill to snap together. Henry also got these when he was a year old, but wasn’t able to really build with them until he was well over 2 years old. See them in action:

Wooden Blocks: These blocks are so versatile and can be used in many teaching instances. They are great for learning stability and structure since they don’t snap together. Balance also play a big part. These are great for older toddlers and up. See them in action:

Bristle Blocks: Bristle blocks are perfect for all ages. They are great for young toddlers and even babies to just explore because of their texture. Older toddlers, like George, love these because they don’t have to be perfectly aligned to be put together and they can build in any direction. And preschoolers love their versatility! See them in action:

On Our Builders List:
Tinker Toys: Oh the possibilities! I can’t wait! A classic I think every home and builder needs. I think Henry’s just at the right age to start diving into this building set.
Lincoln Logs: Another classic that brings back my own childhood memories. Constructing buildings never gets old! I think these would be perfect for a preschooler like Henry.
K’NEX: Yet another childhood memory of mine. My brothers and I had set of these and remember building with it for years. I think these are for a slightly older crowd than Henry’s age, they may be better in a couple of years, when he’s 6 or so.
LEGO Bricks: Another building set that I, actually probably more my husband, can’t wait for the kids to get into all the possibilities of it. The little, standard, LEGO Bricks. What will they build? Again, probably best if the boys wait for a couple years, even though the box says 4+, I don’t think Henry’s ready for them yet. See them in action:

  • Lego Mazes from Csupamoka2
  • See more in the 40 Blocks Activities for Kids
  Magna-Tiles: I’ve never actually seen these except for in blog posts by Melissa of The Chocolate Muffin Tree. And they seem awesome! They seem a little more on the expensive side, but I’ve heard they’re quite worth it. The toy has a 5 star rating, with 100+ reviews on Amazon. They have to be worth it! See them in action:

Quercetti Georello Kaleido Gears: I had a set of gears as a child, and my mom dug them out for the boys to play with. Henry loves them! I love the engineering possibilities, the cause and effect, making it all work together.

Have even more fun with blocks with the 40 Blocks Activities for Kids!

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  1. Michelle says

    Love the magnate les, they are pricey but are absolutely worth it. My son got them at around 3 and is 7 now. He plays with them all the time and is always finding new things to do with them. You do need a few sets to really be able to build larger things with though. Legos and the basic wood blocks(we like barclay blocks) are also a longtime favoritse that are something new all the time.

    I have to disagree with the quadrati gears -there just isn’t that much you cando with them, not for a real building kid anyway. We gave these away after they sat unused for months.

  2. Chris says

    Great review. There is a new and unique building set out that is worth a look. It is BionicBlox at www. Bionicblox.com.

    Very open ended, engineering like. We used them at a science and discovery museum

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