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  1. OneMommy says

    I totally love this idea! My son is so into trucks now a days; we are going to have to give this experiment a try when we get some snow and he gets to see the snow plow go by.
    We experimented with sound last night using pots,pans, and different things to bang with – noisy and fun!

  2. Susan Case says

    Wonderful idea! Children love science. And I love it when a mom says, "I've been reading…." Yea! Moms are the Play Network are amazing. So happy to see children learning while have a great time.

  3. Mardi says

    We're learning about water this month, so a few easy "investigations"
    Freezing water (chuck some toys in Watsr in a tuppaware & freeze) & then how it melts. Talking about temperatures
    Evaporation (2 cups with water, one cling filmed on top, watch & measure for a week)
    Spraying water on hot footpath/fence & watching it disappear
    Water/sponge play

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