26 New Ways to Decorate Those Easter Eggs!

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Take a break from all the spring crafts you’re making with the kids and make some Easter eggs!

Holy cow there are a lot of ways to decorate Easter eggs! From homemade natural dyes to decoupaging to using your hot glue gun!

Branch out your ways of decorating Easter Eggs with one of these 26 new creative ideas!

We’ve tried a couple of these methods you can check out too! Last year we did three new ways to decorate Easter eggs that we’ve never done before! It was fun to branch out!

26 New ways to decorate those Easter Eggs

What technique will we try this year? We’re definitely use the muffin tins!

Here is 26 ideas and techniques to decorate your Easter Eggs:

What method do you use to decorate Easter eggs?

Red Ted Art has 10  more egg decorating ideas too! Have fun decorating eggs this Easter!

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  1. pam says

    Thank you so much for including my Kool-aid dying post in this great collection of ways to decorate Easter eggs!

    There are some clever ideas here but I am especially drawn to the vibrantly colored eggs. And the funny faces just crack me up!

  2. Show Me Mama says

    Oh, my goodness…I love all these Decorated Eggs. It all screams lots of fun. Thanks for including mine as well. Stickers are the best and quite simple indeed :) Have a great day!

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