Soapy Sensory Jars Activity for Toddlers

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I call this a sensory jars activity for toddlers because I originally made it for George (who’s 18 months) and now Louis at 2 1/2.

But don’t limit it to your toddlers. Babies and even preschoolers will enjoy this as well. I just know that we are always on the lookout for activities to do with toddlers, and this is a perfect one that might keep them busy in wonderment for awhile.

Soapy sensory jars for toddlers - fun to shake up and watch!

It’s been so much fun redoing these activities that were a hit with the older boys and doing them again with the younger ones.

And what I love even more is how they do it differently!

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Soapy sensory jars for toddlers - fun to shake up and watch!

It took me a long time to do this activity again, to remember to keep a peanut butter jar is apparently hard to do. I’ve been getting out of my upcycling habit, I need to get better about that and start a making box!

These sensory jars are super simple to make.

Fill a peanut butter jar (or other large plastic jar) half-way with water. Add food coloring of your choice.

Add some dish soap. Lots if you want lots of bubbles!

Add glitter in too if you’d like some sparkles.

Then put on the lid. I’ve never sealed it with glue, but you can if you’re worried about kids opening it up, or it leaking.

Soapy sensory jars for toddlers - fun to shake up, or roll!

Louis had a great time shaking the bottle and watching it. But wasn’t as interested in watching the bubbles settle like George was.

And then Louis and I began a game of rolling the jar back and forth to each other. This was a winner!

Soapy sensory jars for toddlers - fun to shake up, or roll!

Below is George playing with the Soapy Sensory Jars


Soapy sensory jars activity for toddlers - fun to shake up and watch!

I filled up some old peanut butter jars halfway with water. (Yay! More upcycling!)

Then just add a few drops of food coloring of your choice. We did a blue, red and green.

It just takes a squirt of dish soap to make them soapy, bubbly sensory jars!

Then I handed to George for the day to explore and play! Toddlers are fascinated with the bubbles and even more fascinated that they can make the bubbles by shaking! Have you seen our more free play bubble sensory activity for toddlers?

Sensory activity for toddlers - a simple sensory jar to make with soap!

More bubbles and more bubbles just by shaking up the sensory jars!

George also did some spinning and stacking with the jars.

It doesn’t matter what they do, or how they do it, the jars just need to be moving, and we love to get our toddlers moving, because, well I like to burn off their energy every day!

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If you’re worried about spills, you can glue the lid on with school glue, just be sure to let it dry before letting them play with it.

Soapy sensory jars activity  for toddlers - shake shake shake!

We also ended up adding glitter to the soapy sensory jars. If I were to make it just a glitter sensory jar, I would have filled the jars full with water and added the glitter. But we were after the soapy, bubble effect for these sensory jars.

George loved the glitter and watched it settle.

Glittery and soapy sensory jars for toddlers - fun to shake up and watch!

But most of all, George wanted to stack the jars, to make towers. They’re kind of like big blocks!

A sensory activity for toddlers - stacking soapy sensory jars

These would make great time-out (or clam down) jars as well.

All Henry wanted to do was to make the bubbles go away. So no one could touch them.

He waited and waited for them to disappear. That was quite the task for a very energetic boy!

These sensory jars are one of the 50 Activities Just for your Toddler!

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  1. Gemma-Marie says

    Hey love this idea of glitter jars :) I tried it as I work in a nursery with children aged 2-3 years but when I did the glitter jars I put half water then the glitter and then food colour and look at them in the morning and they have gone cloudy do you know why this might be ??? Would I have to do them again because they looked so good before :)

  2. Bonnet Obey says

    “Bonnet Obey” hi,ifrodings your sites named “Soapy Sensory Jars Activity for Toddlers – hands on : as we grow” like every week. Your writing style is awesome,keep it up!thx “Bonnet Obey”

  3. Susan Ruffin says

    You can also use corn syrup and put in different things such as buttons, shapes, the foil confetti, etc. I did this with empty water bottles for my kindergarten class to use for a cool down when they got feisty. They loved it!
    The corn syrup can be thinned down some with water if it’s too thick.

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