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As we were playing the other day,
I looked over,
and saw Henry building this:

I was quite impressed!
Those are skinny blocks and they stood as tall as him!

I’m not quite sure what they are exactly, or where we even got them.
But this could easily be done with any kind of box.
The thinner and taller the block, the harder it is.

I noticed as Henry was stacking them,
he began counting them as he put them on.

I decided to number them with markers.
As I was drawing them on, Henry made his mark, as well.

Henry built tower after tower.
He asked for help every time.
The 6th block stood too tall for him to reach.

Time after time, the tower fell over.

Many times,
he got it completely built,
and ran to tell Dad,
only to have the wind that he created, as he ran by, knock it over.

Which lead to many short meltdowns.

But, Henry always came back.
Eager to make the full tower.

Henry finally did it!

Too bad this one time, it didn’t get stacked in order!

(George, watch out! Don’t knock over the tower!)

Henry also tried balancing the blocks.

Before his tower building, Henry made houses out of them as well.

I’m getting quite proud of his creativeness
and ability to build these structures!

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