Sort Colors & Get Moving With a Play Tunnel

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This is a silly way to get the kids to learn about and sort colors.

I absolutely needed to get the kids moving, or at least I thought I did. I have not been making the best of all their energy lately, and it’s starting to wear on me.

So we included our play tunnel (affiliate link) in an activity, just for the sole fact to get them moving. Which may or may not have been a great idea…

Get moving and sort colors using a play tunnel!

I dumped our bag of Mega Bloks (affiliate link) on the floor for the boys to sort by color.

Henry has been working on reading color names, so I labeled three baskets with three of the block color names. I included our big Mega Bloks Dump Truck (affiliate link) as a ‘catch all’ basket for the rest of the colors.

Sort colors of blocks

With that ready, they picked up a couple blocks, crawled through our play tunnel and put them each in their corresponding color basket.

Use a play tunnel to sort colors of blocks

sort colors of blocks

That’s it! They took turns, though they each wanted to also crawl back through the play tunnel, so they often ran into each other.

A play tunnel to get the kids moving!

And of course, this got them extremely wound up and even sillier than usual.

But it was a fun, quick game to get them out of their unfortunate television slump lately.

Louis even got in on the fun of crawling through the tunnel (no color sorting for him though)!

A play tunnel to get kids moving!

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