Simple Leaf Window Garland

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Real Leaf Garlands for a Window

Did you collect some leaves over the weekend? Or before they’re all gone?

The boys did. We don’t have a lot for leaves in our yard, but enough to have a raking session, and collect a few colorful leaves for a project!

I’ve been thinking about a way to decorate our big front window for fall for quite some time. I wanted it to be something completely made by the boys. But everything I came across had sewing involved, or something more intricate that I’d be doing part of it.

So I simplified the process.

Scotch tape. Leaves. Done.

Henry pulled a good length of scotch tape across our coffee table and simply stuck the leaves the collected to it.

With a step stool close by, he hung them up as high as he could in the front window.

And that’s it!

A very simple, and pretty, window that’s decorated for the fall season.

Last year, we made a collage with collected leaves and added them to some painted leaves that we cut out of paper. I love the colors of fall!

I featured more leaf ideas on It’s Playtime (and even some last year too!).

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