10 Shape Activities for Toddlers! It’s Hip to be Square!

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We’ve been having a little bit of fun lately doing some hands on shape activities!

George is on a shapes kick right now, anytime he asks for an activity, he’s been asking for ‘shapes’. Can’t say no to that!

I keep the shapes we work on pretty basic. Usually the square, triangle, circle. And then I usually sneak in an odd one here and there just to introduce it, like the octagon (my kids seem to catch on to that one quickly because of stop signs), oval and rectangles.

First comes recognizing the shapes and then labeling them. Building and making shapes is a plus for toddlers, as well as drawing and tracing them.

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10 Shape Activities for Toddlers! It's Hip to be Square!

These are ten hip shape activities for toddlers!

All very hands on and fun, the learning is just a plus!

I tend to stray away from printables and worksheets, so these activities pass my ‘hands on’ learning test that all get toddlers very involved in learning shapes.

Learn shapes with tracing Learn shapes on a scavenger hunt
Trace Shapes on the Chalkboard Go on a Shape Hunt
Creative Family Fun
Learn shapes by making shapes and matching colors Learn shapes by rolling over them
Matching Craft Stick Shapes
Parent Teach Play
Learning Shapes with a Ball
Learn shapes by sorting Learn shapes by sorting
Sorting Blocks by Shape on a Graph A Giant Shape Sort
I Can Teach My Child
Learn shapes in a maze Learn shapes by sorting
Shape Maze on the Driveway
Creative Family Fun
Sorting & Stacking Blocks by Shape
Learning shapes by matching Learning shapes by jumping
Matching Blocks to their Shapes Shape Jump! (Tape the shapes)

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    Such great ideas! I love the driveway shape maze! In kindergarten (so a little bit older wee ones) we would play ‘guess my shape’. I would start drawing a shape (one angled line for example) and the kids would guess the shape just from that first clue, then I’d add a second line, etc. until they all got the shape. It was great in helping them look at shapes more closely – what makes a triangle different from other shapes? Later in the year the kids would play this game on their own with friends. Love the hands on learning!! Excited to play chalk maze !

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