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  1. Some edible yogurt finger paint, let George participate in a painting activity with us!
  2. Another way to get George involved in painting? Put it in a baggy! Add something to roll around and let him have at it.
  3. A super fun, messy [but yet clean] sensory activity for both the boys! Making foam from dish soap!
  4. Some tape as roads and add blocks to build a city! Have fun!
  5. Paint a rainbow with a sponge, all at once!
  6. Tape down a maze, add some numbers and ‘connect the dots’. A fun learning activity.
  7. Henry made up his own experiment, with tractors and wagons of course! How much will the wagons hold?
  8. And save your recycling! There’s 34 recyclables that you must save to upcycle with the kids!
Here’s our future baker in training.
After a minor accident with his bakery apron, an employee so generously gave him this set,
complete with oven mits and bakery hat.
Henry loves it and all is good now.

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