Blocks of Fun! 44 Block Activities for Preschoolers

I put together this list of lots of block activities for preschoolers and even toddlers using common blocks that are found in most homes – wooden blocks, Legos, and ABC blocks.

We tend to have blocks out a lot around here.

Whether its legos, or wooden blocks, or our ABC blocks [these are all affiliate links, thank you for your support!], we include them in a lot of the activities that we do.

Blocks are kind of a staple in most households, am I right? Boys and girls both like blocks. They’re a lot of fun!

Turns out, kids can learn a lot from these simple toys. But, what exactly?

Childhood 101 goes into some specifics of adding literacy to the block corner, and Picklebums gives us a little insight on why block play is so important to kids.

And I’ve collected some wonderful ways to play with blocks, so we can maximize our use of these awesomely, simple toys [aren't the simple toys the best because they can be used the most ways?].

Block activities for preschoolers -- using wooden blocks, Legos, and ABC blocks

Wooden Block Activities:

Counting & Building Towers activity for kids Velcro Block Activity for Kids Counting & Stacking Towers
hands on : as we grow Add Velcro to Blocks
Chasing Cheerios Block Maze Activity for Kids Fill in the Block Shapes Activity for Kids Block Maze
A Little Learning for Two Fill in Block Shapes
The Activity Mom Block Racing Game for Kids Block Dice Activity for Kids Block Racing Game
Under the Big Top Block Dice
A Little Learning for Two Using Blocks on a Sticky Easel Measing Area with blocks learning activity Blocks on a Sticky Easel
Teach Preschool Measuring Area with Blocks
Kindergarten Lessons Tower Building Contest Activity for Kids Floor Puzzle Activity with Blocks Tower Building Contest
Mama Pea Pod Floor Puzzles with Blocks
hands on : as we grow Block Bowling Activity for Kids Block Shape Sorting Activity for Kids Block Bowling
A Little Learning for Two Block Shape Sorting
hands on : as we grow sorting-blocks-as-a-graph unit-blocks Sorting Blocks as a Graph
hands on : as we grow 6 Activities for Unit Blocks
Guest post by EduArt 4 Kids IMG_4360 IMG_1089 Building Towers to Match Photos
hands on : as we grow Learn Letters with Letter Blocks
hands on : as we grow counting-blocks-dice block-matching-activity Counting with Blocks & Dice
hands on : as we grow Matching Shapes Block Activity
hands on : as we grow

Lego or Duplo Block Activities:

Counting with legos learning activity Building Lego Letters Activity Counting with Legos
Make, Do & Friend Building Lego Letters
A Mommy’s Adventures Duple Printing Activity for Kids Spelling Words with Legos
This Reading Mama Duplo Printing
Picklebums Lego Puzzle Activity for Kids Baby Lego Painting Activity Lego Puzzle Mix and Match
I Can Teach My Child Baby Lego Painting
No Time For Flash Cards Dental Hygiene lesson with lego blocks Lego Mazes Activity for Kids Dental Hygiene with Lego Blocks
Mama Bee from the Hive Lego Mazes
Csupamoka2 Lego Photos to rebuild activity for kids Testing lego structure stability activity fro kids Lego Cards to Make
My Little Princess World Test Structure Stability
Science Sparks Lego Play Dough Prints for Kids 2012-04-11_62671 Lego Play Dough Prints
Toddler Approved Lego Patterning
hands on : as we grow Counting with Legos & writing letters with legos Kids Measuring with Legos Lego Counting & Writing
Crayon Freckles Lego Measuring
NurtureStore Lego Rainbow Activity for Kids Make Ice cubes in legos! Lego Rainbow
Toddler Approved on Kid Activities Blog Lego Shaped Ice Cubes
Creativity My Passion Combining Numbers & Adding Blocks Learning Activity Combining Numbers & Adding Blocks
Montessori Tidbits

ABC Block Activities:

ABC Block Learning Game ABC Matching and Letter Recognition learning activity ABC Block Learning Game
hands on : as we grow ABC Matching/Letter Recognition
2 Care 2 Teach 4 Kids Spelling with ABC Blocks Activity for Kids Printing Words in Play Dough Activity Spelling with ABC Blocks
Having Fun at Home Blog Printing Words in Play Dough
A Little Learning for Two

Build with Blocks:

Build a Zoo with wooden blocks Build a fire and put it out with blocks Build a Zoo
Sense of Wonder Fire in a Building
Little Hands, Big Work Build an Airport with wooden blocks Building Blocks with Tape Roads Build an Airport
Brick by Brick Buildings with Tape Roads
Inner Child Fun Build a City of Blocks Activity for Kids Build a City
hands on : as we grow

An ongoing collection of these and more block activities found on Pinterest: Blocks of Fun!

What simple toys are a staple at your house?


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