It’s Playtime: Some Favorites

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Sometimes I just like to look through It’s Playtime and find some great ideas to bookmark (on Pinterest) for the kids to do.

Okay. Most of the time. That’s what I do.

Here are a few that I’m pinning to do with the boys in the near future.

(Lessons Learnt Journals: Paperclip Number Match)
First of all, I love the addition of the button to the paper clips! It makes them cute, and probably much easier to handle by a child!

And that makes them enticing to a child to use to clip on the corresponding number cards! One-to-one correspondence mixed with fine motor skills. Right up Henry’s alley right now. Love this idea from Lessons Learnt Journal.

(Above, from left to right:)

  • Get outside and make some muffins in the snow, an idea found at Happy Little Messes.
  • The Blue Elephant plays with bubbles and build sculptures! The littlest kids would have fun with this idea!
  • I would have loved to attended this birthday party at Sense of Wonder! Pendulum painting has been on my to do list for such a long time!
  • A fun color matching activity with toys at hand, found at Taming the Goblin. A great way to introduce colors to George!

High Five to these play friends!

(Go leave them a playful comment!)

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  1. The Monko says

    Thanks so much for featuring my colour cards and cars. I was reading the post and looking at the pictures and thought, oh i did something like that, then i realised it was my photo – yey!

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