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Today’s post is a dice game math activity for kids! Katie from Gift of Curiosity is sharing a free printable dice game for hands on : as we grow readers only!

I’m Katie from Gift of Curiosity, and I’m so excited to be here at Hands on as we grow to share a fun Halloween Dice Game I created for my kids – and that you can download for free!

My kids are very excited about the approaching Halloween holiday, so I’ve been trying to channel that enthusiasm into productive learning opportunities. :-) My free printable Halloween Dice Game works on some basic preschool math skills.

Halloween dice game for preschoolers - free printable!

The download includes two versions of the Halloween Dice Game.

I created the simpler version for my daughter, XGirl, who is 3.

This version uses one dice and focuses on counting and recognizing the numbers 1 through 6.

Halloween dice game printable to download

I created a more advanced version for my son, QBoy, who is 4.

The advanced version uses two dice and focuses on basic addition with addends 1 through 6 and sums 2 through 12.

Halloween dice game printable (advanced version) to download

To play the dice game, you will need the following materials:

  • Halloween Dice Game printable, basic or advanced version
  • 12 (basic version) or 16 (advanced version) small objects for covering the numbers
  • 1 (basic version) or 2 (advanced version) dice (I like these jumbo foam dice -affiliate link- because they are large enough for my kids to easily see and count the number of dots on the face.)

Both versions are played by rolling the dice, finding the number indicated by the dice on the board, and covering it with a small object. If you roll a number that has already been covered on the board, simply roll again. In the picture below, my son and I played using our jumbo foam dice and foam pumpkins to cover the numbers.

Halloween dice game for kids

The game can be played individually, with the goal being for the child to keep rolling until all the numbers are covered. The game can also be played by two or three people at a time.

To play cooperatively, all players take turns rolling until all the numbers are covered.

We don’t play competitively in our home, but you could make this a competitive game by seeing who can cover the most numbers.


To download the free Halloween Dice Game from Gift of Curiosity, click here.

And to access lots of other great printables from Gift of Curiosity, click here.

Katie has worked in the education field for over 12 years, and recently completed her PhD in child and adolescent development. Nonetheless, she finds parenting her two preschool age children to be the best education of all. She blogs at Gift of Curiosity to provide ideas and inspiration for fostering young children’s development, learning, and curiosity. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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