Busy Play: Play Dough Construction Site

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play dough construction site setup

Henry’s on another play dough kick since his birthday.

He got all these little construction machines, and cones and people as a gift and it turned out to be a great addition to play dough that entertained them for hours.

Yes, them. George and Henry played side by side for a long time. George was in and out a lot, but always came back to play with Henry. Henry was just engrossed with his play dough for literally hours.

boys play dough construction site

Set a boy up with some machines and I guess that’s all you gotta do, right?

And play dough is a definite “busy play” activity here, and I can get a lot of stuff done with minimal supervision of the boys.

George still has a tendency to try to eat the play dough. But he’s slowly learning that it’s really no good to eat!

[Thankfully, this is some leftover play dough from way back during our 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge last November **play dough challenge is at The Imagination Tree**. Its homemade and super soft still.]

toddler play dough construction site


Henry made tracks in his construction site, dug ‘dirt’,filled dump trucks and hauled it away. And who knows what else was going through his mind. He just kept at it. Busy busy busy.

preschooler play dough construction site

play dough construction site

I think its time to take a look at the 34 Ways to play with Play Dough again so I can have some ideas up my sleeve every time Henry asks to get the play dough out now!

We sometimes get in ruts doing the same activity over and over, like this one. But if it keeps the kids happy and busy, I can’t really complain, can I?


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