Block Activity: Build a City

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After doing our tape maze of numbers. The maze stuck (yes, pun intended) around awhile.

On one of those ‘no-nap’ days, Henry and I kept busy (while George was napping) with blocks and the tape maze and made a Block City!

Henry and  I added blocks around the tape maze. The tape posing as the streets of the block city. It became our town, with landmarks that we have in our town.

blocks activity for preschoolers

Although, it was not at all geographically correct, the buildings were somewhat put in the correct placement relative to each other. Henry was pretty good about finding where to put each block building.

The bakery was the first on the list to be ‘built’ in the city.

Along with other store landmarks throughout our town.

building with blocks activity for preschoolers

Then block houses got put in… and pets were even added to the corresponding houses.

Wait… how did a dog get in our house? We don’t have a dog… maybe Henry’s hinting at something that he wants. Sorry buddy.

preschooler building a city with blocks

Then we drove our cars around the block city!

Put out fires (yes, even a block fire station was built).

And went to the block library to get some books.

For a little bit at least.

When George woke up, a tornado hit the block city and has yet to be rebuilt.

activity with blocks

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