Bean Bag Toss as a Sight Word Game

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The ABC mat came in handy, once again, as a mat for a bean bag toss that came into play for a fun sight word game for Henry.

We’ve used the ABC mat in the past for learning an ABC learning game, as well as counting blocks of towers. Its kind of funny to think of how this mat has grown with Henry as he continues learning more and more. This time, we used it for Henry to practice his sight words.

If you don’t have an ABC mat (affiliate link), I’ve seen bean bag tosses used with a shower curtain and drawing the letters on it with markers too. So you can figure out something that would work for letters (just paper with letters drawn on it would work too!).

The first step to the game was to get the mat set up. Henry took charge in putting it in alphabetical order. I just had to help him by starting a new row of letters so it would fit in our spot on the floor.

How to make a Bean Bag Toss a Sight Word Game:

Henry decided which word he’d spell first. (Or you could shout one out for him.) We chose from the list of sight words that he’s working on.

He’d think about how to spell it, tell me to make sure he was correct and then he’d toss his bean bag (in our case, stuffed animals) onto the letters to spell it.

Bean Bag Toss Sight Word Game

Once he landed on the right letter, he’d remove it from the mat and save it until he had collected all the letters to spell the sight word he was working on.

Then he’d lay out the letters to spell it and tell me what he spelled.

Bean Bag Toss Sight Word Game

He did this over and over until he spelled all his sight words that he needed to practice. We’re still working on his first set of five words right now. He’s catching on so quickly and its so fun to see him learn these beginning stages of reading.

Toddler or Early Preschooler Version of the Bean Bag Toss Game:

George played the game with Henry too. Instead of spelling sight words, he would toss this bean bag onto a letter and try to tell me what letter it was that it landed on. Sometimes I’d try to call a letter out for him to try to land on, but that was hard for him (it was hard for Henry too, but he has the persistence to keep trying, George didn’t).

Bean Bag Toss Sight Word Game

Since sight words aren’t something that Henry needs to know at this age, I’m not pushing it at all (I try not to push any learning on them). He’s asking to learn them and we’re trying to find some fun ways to do it.


Henry is almost 5 years old. George is 2 1/2 years old.

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