Autumn Hands on Activities This Week!

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Hands on Activities

This week of hands on activities… (above: clockwise from top-left)

More than a handful of Autumn inspiration in this e-book!

Jean Van’t Hul of The Artful Parent is creating an artful year in ebooks and starting with her favorite season: Autumn. Its full of gorgeous fall crafts to do with your kids or as a family. Check out some of the gorgeous spreads from the book on her site: The Artful Year: Autumn, take a moment to browse it and buy it!

This week’s must read activities for kids:

  • I really don’t think my kids are quite up to this yet, but I want to come up with some kind of way to do it. Art Mommie let the kids explore with their imagination by just using a partial image (from a magazine) and letting them draw out the rest of the picture! I think this is just brilliant!
  • Paper doll playing for Halloween? A Mom with a Lesson Plan has a way to make your own paper dolls and dress them up in costumes for Halloween! How adorable when her little girl said: “You can’t help, you don’t know what I want to do.” – Gotta love that independence!
  • We’re not the biggest users of apps for the kids, basically because all we have is an iPod (and not an iPad). But Henry does like a few awesome apps (like MonkeyMath and MonkeyLunchBox). I have yet to really let George explore it because I wasn’t sure if he was ready yet. But with these favorite apps for a 2 year old that Second Story Window suggested, I might give some a try for him, he’s 2 today!

Henry has been very territorial lately. Not letting George play with him, or be next to him, really in any way. Its been getting kind of frustrating to deal with and I’ve come to the conclusion that if he’s in one of these moods where he doesn’t want George around him, then he needs to remove himself from the area and play in his room by himself then. We’re still working on that, so I’d love to hear other suggestions for it!

One evening when I was getting dinner on the table, Henry was in one of these moods. I let him look through our closet of toys/games/puzzles for something to do for the meantime and he pulled out these My First Sticky Mosaics® Vehicles (affiliate link). We’ve had them for a while, but he’s never been interested in doing it before, so I’ve never pushed it.

Sticky Mosaic Vehicles Activity

It was just the distraction we needed! Henry didn’t finish the boat before dinner was ready and set it aside to work on again after supper. I bet he spent well over an hour working on it, and he is seriously proud of it. He is displaying it proudly on our mantel!

Today’s bonus tidbit: It is George’s birthday today. He’s 2!

Stop by the Facebook page to wish George a Happy Birthday today!

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