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We have another maze activity!

Seriously, I’m loving mazes… Henry’s pretty good at them too, so they’re fun for both of us!

The counting maze was our first indoor maze, but prior to that we did the big maze outside first. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve too, so I can’t wait to try them!

This time we worked on the alphabet, the order of the alphabet to be more specific.

Instead of just putting the letters of the alphabet on the maze in order, this time I added in wrong letters if he took a wrong turn.

Alphabet Maze Activity for Kids

Henry never ever sings for me.

It wasn’t until he started preschool this past fall that he learned the alphabet song. And still its very rare for him to sing it to me.

I know he knows the song, but I wanted to put it into context to see if he’d know the order of the alphabet.

Bonus for me… This maze tricked him into singing the song for me! (hehe, I’m sneaky.)

And he does know his alphabet, all the way from A to Z.

I have several movies of him going through the maze over and over, singing the song. This is the best movie I got of it, though he messed up the end of the alphabet on this one.

But he did surprise me when he finished… he took a stab at doing the alphabet backwards! And I have to say he did pretty darn good!

(Please… excuse the little mess up I even made with the end of the alphabet too…)

This post could be added to the 35 Activities for ‘Things that Go’! Henry loves driving through the maze!

What else can we learn from a maze?

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    Hurray! I have found the idea :) I thought I had pinned this to try out and had not. Wanted to use this idea with my daughter if that is OK going to tweak it a bit as we have only learnt a few letters will be sure to link back to your post. Going to pin it now :)

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