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30 days to hands on play



I don’t know how many times I see events going on that I want to do with the boys, but they come and go without us ever attending them.

Today we are!

We’re choosing a field trip that’s local and we’re going to enjoy it for today!


It’s a field trip today! Take a look at your local newspaper to find some events going on in your area. And just go do one today!

Check what your local library is doing this weekend (ours has a game day!), or maybe a museum, or fire station even! Explore something you’ve never done with the kids before!

Maybe you’re in a rural area (like me), and you don’t have much to choose from, if anything at all. What should you do? Head out to the playground, or park and make it a day out and about to play (no errands, shopping included!).

It’s just important that you spend 15 minutes (shouldn’t be a problem with this one) of uninterrupted* time, playing with your children.

(*uninterrupted : being present with the child. No technology, phones, television, computer, etc. No errands, chores, making dinner, etc.)

Share where you go for your field trip!
Comment here as well as see what others did on The Play Network.

This ‘Challenge’ is meant to get you started, to spark your creativity with your kids (and their creativity!). Your child may not be interested in this specific challenge, and that’s okay! Have another go at a previous challenge, or don’t be afraid to just sit and play with them and see where they lead you.

The Imagination Tree
will have tomorrow’s challenge for Day 13!

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Share it and be proud to play!

Its not too late to get started!
See what this challenge is all about and how you can join in:
30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge.
Jump in at any time, or go back and start from the beginning!

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  1. Anna @ The Imagination Tree says

    Lovely! We are sadly having a sick day, with kiddies and even daddy tucked up on the sofa under a duvet feeling poorly! I will take a look for something we can do in this coming week. I need the reminder to get out there and find something new! Enjoy the library :-)

  2. The Iowa Farmer's Wife says

    Love the field trip idea! We didn't take a field trip today, but we did visit a park! Gotta love when it's over 40 right?! :) (Never ever did I think I'd think 43 degrees was warm! :)

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