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Learning activities for toddlers are pretty much as basic as it gets when it comes to intentional learning activities.

These learning activities are more to introduce a concept to the toddler then to test his knowledge on it.

Some basic things an older toddler will start to learn are:

  • Differentiating colors
  • Differentiating shapes
  • Recognizing letters
  • Recognizing numbers

I’ve collected a few activities to get your wheels turning on how to help a toddler start to recognize these.

14 Learning Activities Geared Toward Toddlers:

14 Learning Activities Geared Toward Toddlers

Toddler Activities for Learning Colors & Shapes:

Toddlers Activities to Learn ABCs and 123s:

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If your toddler already has a good start at his ABCs and 123s, check out these additional resources for more advanced kids activities:

I’ve been trying to brainstorm all the areas that toddlers are learning. Obviously, they’re learning all the time and any activity is a learning activity to them. But I’m curious what specific areas does a toddler learn in besides the ones I mentioned above?

14 learning activities for toddlers -- shapes, abcs, numbers

What is your toddler learning?

Find more 10 indoor toddler activities!

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  1. Deborah says

    When my children were young, I ran an in-home day-care. One of the things that the children always loved was being involved in the food. I baked all the bread for the day-care children. They loved helping! They also liked having thier own little section of the garden. And starting plants in the window. Picking and eating what they grew was wonderful for them too.
    We also made snack time an activity; round and square crackers, raisins, grapes, carrot slices, banana slices, peanut butter, sunflowerseeds, just to mention a few. A little dab of peanut butter for glue and anything will stick to a cracker. Decorate like an ornament or faces and eat yummy. Sometimes you can get them to try new foods, just because it looked good on their cracker artwork. ;) Now I provide day-care for my grandson, can’t wait till he can eat peanut butter!

  2. amy says

    I believe some one and a half year olds understand some simple opposites, such as
    On/off, up/down, sit/stand, in/out….. Just to name a few. When I get my little one year old niece
    Dressed I say shirt on, and when I take it off I say shirt off, same with her shoes. I think about
    Things I do on an everyday basis that can help her understand simple opposites.

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