Yarn Apple Craft for Kids to Make

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Yarn crafts always make for fun crafts for the kids. And its apple season here, the apples are just about ready, so I thought it was the perfect idea to make a yarn apple craft.

We’ve done this yarn technique many times in the past. So I won’t get into huge detail of how to do it, you can read more about any tips I have in these other yarn crafts:

This yarn apple craft really is a pretty simple craft.

Easy apple craft for kids made with yarn

I put a bunch of glue in a bowl and George added some water to it and stirred it together.

We decided to add red glitter to the glue mixture for some sparkly, shiny apples!

Then I held out some red yarn for George to cut (I love the sharp-pointed Fiskars scissors, affiliate link, that we use).

Simple apple craft made of yarn

George took the yarn and dipped it in the glue mixture. Stirring it around with a spoon.

In our other crafts, Henry always took this as an opportunity to get his hands messy and would use his hands. But George is much more cautious and wanted to keep out of the glue as much as possible.

For the most part, George scooped the yarn out with a spoon and plopped it in the muffin tin. And then used his fingers to spread it out to cover the bottom of each muffin spot.

Make a yarn apple craft in a muffin tin

But I did get him to string it out with his fingers a couple of times. I love that sensory aspect of this craft!

Once all the bases of the apples were made, George cut some small pieces of green paper to be a leaf.

He stuck it on the edge of the red yarn.

Before popping them in the oven, George gave another shake of glitter to all the apples! They’re extra sparkly!

Adding leaves to the yarn apples

Then its time to wait and wait. These always take forever to dry. I stuck them in the oven at its lowest setting (170 degrees F) for a good hour and then let them sit out… and then back in the oven because I am so impatient.

I think they ended up in the oven for about 4 hours.

Once they were dry on the top, I popped them out of the muffin tin (easier said than done, I need to remember to line them with wax paper! There’s a helpful tip!) and flipped them over on a sheet pan to put back in the oven for a little bit longer.

A yarn apple craft for kids to make in the fall

With some string (I love this kind of string, affililate link, we have for projects like this) I attached them to the curtain rod in our big window in the dining room. Some festive apples to begin the fall season!

The apple tree craft we made would be great with this craft!

I found some more yarn apple craft ideas around the web:

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  1. Cherie says

    Hi….I was just wondering do you need to put the apples in the oven….I work with preschoolers and we do not have an oven…just wondering do you think that they can dry by themselves??

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