Kids Experiment: How Much Water Does it Hold?

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Henry wanted to do an experiment.
He said he’d come up with one for us to do after nap.

So, after nap, Henry collected his things for his experiment.
He brought a tractor and his wagons.

He told me his experiment was to pour water into them.
So I grabbed some cookie sheets in case of spillage.

I got him a cup of water and let him do his experiment.
He found out soon enough that his wagons aren’t water proof.
The water ran right out of most of them.
(Phew! Good thing I thought of the cookie sheets!)

Henry, still adamant about doing his experiment, wasn’t sure what to do.
I stepped in and lined his wagons with plastic wrap.
(This could have been much easier if we used something other than water… like beans or rice. But Henry was in charge of this experiment.)

Henry poured water in again.
Counting how many cups he put into each wagon.
I nudged his experiment along with questions such as:

“Which wagon do you think will hold the most water?”

“How many cups do you think the big one will hold?”

(We weren’t very scientific about it, because I didn’t accurately measure each cup of water I gave him. But the gist of the experiment was there.)

Henry predicted what his wagons would hold.
And Henry tested and found the answers.
A successful experiment that he came up with on his own!

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