Washing Toys Water Activity for Toddlers

One of the most basic water activities you can do is to wash the toys.

Its a perfect indoor water activity for toddlers to do. Just make sure to prep just a bit so there’s not a complete mess to clean up.

I laid down a shower curtain that I keep on hand just for activities like this. [I think its a couple bucks at the dollar store.]

Washing Toys Water Activity for Toddlers

I had George gather up a few of his toys to wash. It took a bit to explain which type of toys he could wash and which ones really wouldn’t work for this. I really didn’t want to wash stuffed animals or anything soft really. So it was kind of a sensory activity in that way too.

While he gathered his toys, I got two tubs of water ready. Barely any water in each of them. Maybe an inch deep.

In one tub I put a tad bit of dish soap in there to make some bubbles. The other tub I kept as clean water to be a rinsing tub for the toys.

Washing Toys Water Activity for Toddlers

And George was busy cleaning toys all morning long!

I set out sponges, a bottle brush and the tiny nipple brush for detailing.

Washing Toys Water Activity for Toddlers

It was a perfect way to keep George busy for a bit and also get the toys clean after being sick and indoors all winter long.

Oh! Set out a towel to put the toys on after they’ve been washed. They need to air dry too. Or the kids can dry them off too with a hand towel! George parked all his toys on the towel to dry.

Washing Toys Water Activity for Toddlers

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George is 2.5 years old.


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