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I’m not sure what it is about this Heart art that I like so much.

Maybe its because both the boys did it together.

Or maybe its because I found out how nicely Henry can cut and follow a line.

Or maybe its just because its close to Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air.

Collaboration seems to be the key around here lately.

creative kids art for Valentine's Day

I’ve been collaborating with other bloggers for The Heart Project (a fundraiser for the American Heart Association through the whole month of February).

My whole family collaborated together to make a piece of memory art. 

I folded a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper in half. In Henry’s choice of color. Green. (Valentine’s color? Nope. Not really.)

I drew half the heart on the paper and let Henry cut.

creative kids art for Valentine's Day
Henry fought me a little with keeping the paper folded in half while he cut.

I told him he’d be surprised with a heart when he opened it up after he was finished cutting it out. He was!

Can I brag and tell you how incredibly amazed and proud I was of Henry’s cutting? Take a look at the heart! Almost perfect. He stayed right on the line the entire time. Barely even jagged! Impressive for a three year old that just learned to cut! (He doesn’t move the paper though, only the scissors, which is kind of odd…)

While Henry cut out his heart, I cut one a heart for George.

Then they painted their hearts.

Henry’s chosen medium was with his hands today.
So it got messy.

creative kids art for Valentine's Day

Henry used green, blue and yellow paint. George used pink, purple and white paint.

Henry, of course, dipped into George’s paint, so there’s some pink mixed in too! (Kind of a weird combination of colors…)

George had immediately used his fingers too and stuck them in his mouth. Since it was real paint (Crayola washable , affiliate link), I put a stop to that. (If it had been the yogurt paint or the edible finger paint that we made, then yay! But not this time.)

So I came up with an alternate solution.

Baggy painting.

George didn’t think much of it with just the heart and paint in the baggy.

So I added a wooden dowel that I had on hand.

Anything that you could roll around would work for this.

creative kids heart for Valentine's Day

This caught George’s attention and he rolled it around.

He picked it up and squished it all together. Folded it up. Crumpled up the heart. It had so many wrinkles. I’m amazed it didn’t tear!

creative kids heart for Valentine's Day

Once they were dry, Henry glued the two hearts on top of each other on another 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper.

I love how he arranged them. Its perfect.

creative kids art for Valentine's Day

The Kids’ HeArts together.

Love it.

creative kids art for Valentine's Day

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  1. Chrissy @ The Outlaw Mom Blog says

    SO love the baggie + dowel idea! Really cute collaboration between your two boys. My son (20 mos) won't stop eating everything, so it's quite difficult to do painting projects together with my 3 yo. Looks like your boys had lots of fun together!

    • Renee McMullen says

      Try sweetened condensed milk mixed with food coloring for painting with the wee ones :) I have a 7 and 4 year old and a 4 month old and they all can paint together :)

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