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Henry matched upper and lowercase letters to make a bracelet for Valentine’s Day using letter beads and Valentine’s Day words.

He often comes home from school with a bracelet that he made. He is always so incredibly proud of it, and wears it for days. It keeps it on his nightstand at night. And won’t let it out of his site. It becomes his pride and joy.

We’ve never made one at home. I guess we’ve made the straw necklaces, but that doesn’t quite seem to be the same, though he did take pride in that too!

I have these letter beads (affiliate link) that I thought would be perfect to make bracelets with and learn a little in the process. I knew that if I just left it up to Henry, he’d spell his name, and that would be it.

Instead, I steered him in a different direction by simply writing some words on a piece of paper that are fitting for Valentine’s Day.

Match Upper and Lowercase Letters to Make a Bracelet

I purposely wrote these Valentine’s themed words in lowercase letters with the intention of Henry matching them to the uppercase letters found on the beads.

I laid the paper out with the beads and a piece of string (affiliate link). I cut it long enough to be a necklace in case Henry really got into it and wanted to keep going. But he decided after doing one word, that was enough for his bracelet.

Learn letters by matching Upper and Lowercase Letters

He started with random letters and beads, and then got into his word. I did make the suggestion to start and end with a plain bead before starting his word so we would know where the word started and ended.

Yet another bracelet that he’s incredibly proud of.

While Henry was matching up upper and lowercase letters for his bracelet, I knew George wasn’t ready for that yet. I set him up with a pipe cleaner instead of the string, and just random beads for him to thread and make his own bracelet!

It was a great fine motor activity for them both to do and be proud of too!

Fine motor threading for toddlers

For more ideas for learning upper and lowercase letters, check out the 50 Alphabet Activities that I put together.

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